What Buyers Want and Don’t Want in a Manufactured Home

Many of today’s home buyers are choosing a new modern manufactured home instead of a tract or a site built home for a variety of reasons. Of course, the number one motivating factor is that a new manufactured home is indeed quality affordable housing that is equal or superior to a site-built home in every respect, and will have a purchase price that is 15 to 35 percent less than a site-built home.

However, sometimes overlooked by home buyers is that a manufactured home can be built to the exacting specifications, wants and desires of the individual home owner. To quote two slogans used in the marketing of fast food companies best describes this customization advantage“Have it your way”(Burger King), and “We don’t make it until you order it” (Jack-in-the Box).

The simplistic “burger” analogy is is quite appropriate when purchasing a new manufactured home. You have the freedom and advantage of ordering your dream home exactly as you want it at a cost far less than that of an in-place site-built home, which most likely will not include all the features and amenities that are important to you and your family’s needs. In an existing site-built home and you  most likely will pay for features or equipment that you might not necessarily want or need.

According to the California Association of Realtors, a recent survey was taken of a large group of home buyers. The survey asked the buyers many questions having to do with their wants and don’t wants in a home. This information is useful to manufactured home buyers because you may have overlooked one of these details that you might want to add to your list. You are invited to use this information to help benefit your manufactured home transaction.


51% don’t want just a shower stall in the master bath

41% don’t want  a wet bar

40% don’t want laminate counter tops

31% don’t want glass-front cabinets

30% don’t want ceramic tile counter tops


94% want Energy Star-rated appliances

93% want a laundry room

91% want Energy Star rating for the whole home

90% want an exhaust fan in the bathroom

88% want ceiling fans

86% want extra storage in home and/or in garage

85% want table space for eating in kitchen

85% want a walk-in kitchen pantry

If you notice, the items that buyers want are popular mainly because they make life easier. For instance, all the energy efficient applications and products help conserve energy which saves the homeowner money thereby making life easier. All the other items preferred were desired to  simplify life as a homeowner.

The items that buyers don’t want also have something in common. For instance, buyers don’t want just a stall shower in the master bath because at times having a bathtub is necessary so that one can relax. Buyers don’t want a wet bar because wet bars are becoming a thing of the past and many would rather use that space for storage or shelving.

A manufactured home is the only affordable quality home that is built one  at a time, specific to the requirements and wants of an individual homeowner. Today’s modern manufactured home is truly the realization of the American dream of home ownership.

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