Busbee’s Home Centers in Arizona: Unbeatable Commitment to Customer Service

For over three decades, Busbee’s Home Centers has been servicing the needs of families throughout the state of Arizona. Busbee’s is the one retailer of manufactured and modular homes that is truly the sales and service leader in Arizona.

The family of dealerships in Arizona is the nation’s #1 seller of high quality Schult manufactured and modular homes, one of the oldest and most acclaimed manufacturers of homes in the manufactured home industry.

The success of both Busbee’s Home Centers and Schult Homes is attributable to one core principle that has guided their every move.

Relationships are built on trust. We’re proud to point out that in any given year client referrals make up nearly 30% of our sales” – General Manager Rick Busbee.

No single factor sets Busbee’s Home Centers apart in terms of service more so than their ability and commitment to aid clients in every step of their home buying process.

Busbee’s comprehensive approach includes:Financing through their company-owned mortgage brokerage firm, B&T Mortgage Company, which has provided nearly $200 million in lending to manufactured home buyers since 1996.Real estate, installation, lot improvements, HVAC, and other essential services that have been provided by the same dependable consortium of vendors since the Busbee family first hung out their shingle in 1988.Insurance policies tailored to the unique needs on manufactured home buyers through CBC Insurance, the Busbee family-owned insurance agency founded in 1996.

Over 95% of Busbee’s sales each year involve both the purchase of land and a home. Based upon that fact, Busbee’s will proudly furnish anyone interested with their 16-page publication called “The Complete Guide To Land/Home Purchases.” This handy booklet details everything you need to know, including tips on home and home site selection. a financing calculation table, escrow procedures, a glossary of terms , and much more.

The Busbee’s team will guide you every step of the way, from selecting and developing your home site, to customizing with over 200 floor plans and a wide array of options, to installing your home how and where you want it.

How has Busbee’s Home Centers earned a sterling reputation for integrity and a position of leadership?

Top-of-the-line Products. 

An Unmatched Commitment to Customer Satisfaction. 

Honest and Straightforward Financing Options.

That Genuine Human Touch

Busbee’s Home Centers are conveniently located throughout the state of Arizona. Every office is managed and staffed by long time local residents with the kind of know-how that makes selecting and locating your new home a snap. In fact, Busbee’s managers average nearly 10 years of experience with the company.

Busbee’s Home Centers location are:

Camp Verde 433 Industrial Drive Camp Verde, Az.86322 T#  888-565-1490

Chino Valley 3280 N. Highway 89 Chino Valley,Az. T# 877-371-1863

Grand Avenue 6244 NW Grand Ave. Glendale, Az. 85301 T # 800-342-6157

Kingman 4340 Stockton Hill Road Kingman, Az. T# 888-206-4415

Silver Springs 474 South Main Street Snowflake, Az, T# 800-342-6167

For more information about Schult Homes read: “Schult Homes: One Of The Oldest And Most Respected Builders And Still Going Strong


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