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Top 10 States with Largest Manufactured Home Share of All New Single-Family Homes

Manufactured housing varies in popularity across the U.S., but the South stands out for its higher concentration of manufactured homes. Fast-growing, high-population southern states like Texas, Florida, and North Carolina lead in the total number of manufactured home shipments annually. But as [...]

Improvements in Credit Availability for Manufactured Homes Could Result in 700,000 More Homes During the Next Decade

The sales of traditional site-built homes are slowing down and the market is changing due to high prices, mortgage rates, and inflation. Examples:  Existing home sales are down for the 5th straight month. June sales are down 5.4%. – Year over year sales were down 14.2%. The average price [...]

HUD Affordability Plan Would Include Raising FHA Title 1 Manufactured Housing Limits

(The following contains excerpts from a HUD press release reported by HW Media). The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is taking steps to address the affordability crisis by boosting supply, but it’s not lowering the fees it charges borrowers just yet. Senior officials at the Department of [...]

In Housing Shortage, Pre-owned Manufactured Homes And “Mobile Homes” Values Soar

Washington state leads the U.S. with the most expensive pre-owned manufactured homes and “mobile homes,” according to an online report and narrative by the Washington-based Journal of Business. Mobile homes/manufactured homes historically haven’t been known for appreciating value. That’s no [...]

In 2022, Funding From Clayton Homes To Prevent 1,000 Families and More Than 2,400 Children From Becoming Homeless

Source: Clayton Homes – Clayton, a national builder of off-site and site-built homes, and Family Promise, the nation’s leading nonprofit addressing family homelessness, celebrate another impactful year of A Future Begins at Home, a partnership program focused on preventing family [...]

NEWS RELEASE: Texas’ Manufactured Housing Industry Pulls Back Production As Sales Slide

In manufactured housing speak, “as goes Texas, so goes the rest of the country.” For decades, the state of Texas has led the way by a large margin in the volume of manufactured homes produced, shipped, and sold. The following  September 6, 2022, News Release will most likely shed light on the [...]

How Manufactured Homes And “Mobile Home” Communities Can Help Address America’s Affordable Housing Crisis and Climate Change

(The following contains excerpts from an online Fast Company posting by  Zachary Lamb, Jason Spicer, and Linda Shi). Many people think manufactured homes are poorly built, even though these structures, unlike site-built houses, have had to meet federal construction and safety standards since [...]

Defining the Differences II: Manufactured Homes, Mobile Homes, Modular Homes, Tiny Homes and Park Models

For several decades the terminology referencing factory-built housing, as opposed to site-built housing, has long been confusing for homebuyers, the media, bureaucrats, the public at large, and to some extent, manufactured home salespersons and retailers. The terms used for today’s [...]

Two Bill of Rights Bills for Residents of Manufactured Housing Communities Introduced in U.S. Congress

According to a May 27, 2021 online report by Colorado Newsline,  U.S. Rep. Cindy Axne is pushing for tenant’s rights to extend to residents of manufactured housing communities to protect them from predatory rent hikes. The Iowa Democrat has introduced two pieces of legislation. One bill aims to [...]

Defining the Differences: Manufactured Homes, Modular Homes, and “Mobile Homes”

Some people use the terms, ”manufactured home” and “modular home” interchangeably. There are also many that will refer to a manufactured home as a “mobile home.” Following we will attempt at defining the differences between manufactured housing and modular housing. We will also address the fact [...]