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Manufactured Homes and the Creation of Wealth that Homeownership is Believed to Promise

“Manufactured Homes Exhibit Their Own Potential To Be A Wealth Creation Tool For Ordinary Everyday Americans” — Ben Carson (HUD) Homeownership is the best path toward wealth, versus renting. Unfortunately that path is difficult for the average low and middle income families to follow, as [...]

Manufactured Housing Share Vs Site Built on the Rise Across The U.S.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are currently 22 million Americans living in 6.8 million manufactured homes across the U.S.  After years of decline starting in the late 1990’s, manufactured housing has been rising in popularity over the last few years.  The manufactured home [...]

Green Manufactured Home Building Standards + Energy Star Certification Saves Money and Protects Environment

When a modern new high quality manufactured home is built for a homebuyer, sustainable decisions are made throughout the entire process that ensures a minimal environmental impact and offers an overall better use of energy, materials, and natural resources. The inherent manufactured home [...]

Manufactured Home Purchasing Tip: New Home and Placement Site Should be Compatible and Simultaneous

“Putting the cart before the horse” is occasionally applicable to purchasers of new manufactured homes. Certainly understandable for many who fall in love with today’s new modern manufactured housing and enter into a purchase agreement before knowing where that home will be installed.  Where [...]

COVID-19: At Risk Seniors in High Density Housing Versus Affordable Single Family Manufactured Homeownership

Almost one out of every five Americans will be over the age of 65 by the year 2030. (Yes, really.) And while baby boomers are aging they are the age group that is most susceptible to communicable disease and viral infections. The coronavirus pandemic has sadly been the mitigating factor [...]

REPORT: Manufactured Homes Built After 1994 Equal and Often Safer than Site-Built During Tornadoes and Hurricanes

As the storm season approaches there are those naysayers that still believe that a manufactured home is not as safe as a site-built home during tornadoes and hurricanes and may continue to shy away from discovering that today’s manufactured home is truly America’s only quality affordable dream [...]


Sunshine Homes, one of the nation’s oldest and most respected builders of highest quality value-oriented factory-built homes, with a long-held tradition of showcasing their new and innovative models and features at the annual Tunica Manufactured Home Show, an industry-only event held in March [...]


The need for quality, affordable housing has never been greater. Today’s modern new manufactured homes can deliver quality and performance with an original cost averaging one-half the cost of a comparably sized home custom built on-site and will be equal, or superior, in every respect, [...]

Green Manufactured Homes Offer Better Use of Energy, Materials and Natural Resources

Green building is becoming more and more popular throughout most of the world, and that includes manufactured housing as well. In this day and age, there are many choices and affordable options available to potential manufactured home buyers that are beautiful, high quality, and “green.”  When [...]

U.S. House of Representatives Unanimously Passes Bills Removing Barriers to Manufactured Housing

On a March 3rd, 2020 HOUSING ALERT by the Manufactured Housing Institute (M.H.I.):  The U.S. House of Representatives passed two bills that would alleviate local and state barriers to manufactured housing. Both bills address distinct areas of concerns and pediments to quality affordable [...]

Coronavirus: Manufactured Home Shopping From Safety and Comfort of Home

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving; we get stronger and more resilient”  – (Anonymous) Over the last few months, our fellow citizens have been blindsided by an invisible enemy that has changed our lives forever. However, the people of our great country are bonding together in [...]

Manufactured Housing Offers Quality and Value for Every Generation of Homebuyers

Today’s modern manufactured homes will meet the criteria of “everything a home should be,” offering quality, value, safety, amenities, energy efficiency and appearance and will have a cost 50% less than a comparable custom site-built home, and is the perfect choice of all age generations across [...]