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Manufactured Homes in Reno: Helping to Afford Homeownership

Stick-built home prices have been on a steady rise since 2008, and the American housing market has felt the effects of that fact. People are genuinely struggling to keep their homes, and new buyers are finding it hard to get into the home they really want in the first place. The problem has [...]


For over 100 years the Tulsa State Fair continues to be the city’s largest premier family event, annually providing educational opportunities, entertainment, exhibits and displays during an 11-day span held each year beginning on the fourth Thursday after Labor Day. Last year’s (2017) edition [...]

Portland’s Hope: New Manufactured Home Zoning Rules

The Portland City Council has made a major move against the housing crunch facing major urban center in the US. On Wednesday, August 22nd, a new zoning designation was voted in. This designation specifically helps manufactured home parks by making it harder for developers to buy up the land and [...]


Secondary Units are All the Rage  Backyard manufactured homes – also known as granny flats, mother-in-law units and guesthouses to most and as accessory dwelling units or ADUs to urban planners – are all the rage in California and throughout expensive to live metropolitan areas [...]

The Manufactured Home Technological Advantage

Among other cost-efficiencies, one major plus to buying a manufactured home over traditional site-dependent builds is the ease-of-access the process of manufacturing provides. The manufactured home technological advantage makes buying simple! It can be done almost entirely online. Everything [...]

Bloomberg Reports, Rona Homebuilders, and the New Manufactured Housing Industry

Early on August 16th, 2018, there was a post made on the financial news giant Bloomberg’s online Business section. That article was an in-depth look at some of the biggest names in manufactured housing and a report on how well they are doing. Among the names referenced and examined in the [...]

How the Housing Industry was Saved: Manufactured Housing’s New Role as Market Stabilizer

Manufactured homes and the accessibility that their building techniques provide for all income levels are saving the dream of home ownership in 2018. Whether you’re in the market to fly your new tricked out home onto your complex in the Malibu Hills, or you’re moving your family to your [...]

A Truly Custom Experience: Manufactured Home Buying Gives Final Say Back to Consumers

 The home-buying narrative that most people are accustomed to typically deals with an onsite home that is static, unchanging, and a major cost to personalize. A stick-built home, so affectionately named, is any home that is built out in the open, using wood planks, and is permanently structured [...]