Why Choose A Manufactured Home?

We understand. Times are tough. The current state of the economy is challenging and it’s getting harder and harder to find affordable housing options.

Manufactured Homes offer a viable solution. The benefits of Manufactured Housing are clear. They are affordable homes of the highest quality, fully customizable and built according to a stringent code that guarantees safety, energy-efficiency and environmental-sensitivity. You just can’t ask for much more in a home!

Affordability and the Building Process

“Manufactured Home” is simply a designation referring to any home built in a factory after 1976 when the Department of Housing and Urban Development set forth their code for home construction. In a factory, the climate is controlled and the weather is, well, always perfect! Factory built homes also offer employees who are trained according to the same guidelines and managed by the same employer. Theft, damage and vandalism are non-existent. Because manufactured home factories regularly produce their homes, manufacturers are able to purchase building materials on a large scale at prices at a significant discount compared to building a stick-built home. These efficiencies and savings on materials translate directly into affordability for the home buyer.

Quality and Safety

Manufactured Homes need to be built according to the HUD code. The HUD Code is a series of performance standards that address every aspect of a Manufactured Home; heating, plumbing, air conditioning, thermal and electrical systems, structural design, construction, fire safety, energy efficiency and even the transportation from factory to site. Inspectors ensure that all of these standards are met, along every step of the way, from design, to construction to assembly. The goal is to ensure the highest degree of safety and construction in your home. When a Manufactured Home leaves the factory, it does so with a “Red Seal” attached indicating that this home has passed what is arguably the most rigorous inspection process in the housing industry.

Customization and Amenities

Manufactured homes today can be shipped with top-of-the-line brand name appliances. Add-ons like fireplaces, decks and porches are now achievable. Advances in the building process have allowed manufacturers to produce homes in a wide array of architectural styles. While homebuyers can choose from many pre-existing floor plans, they can also customize the layout of their new home to fit their budget, taste and lifestyle. Manufactured Homes are customizable in ways stick-built homes are simply not capable of.

Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient

Sustainability is increasingly becoming the trend with manufacturers today who have a vested interest in being able to offer eco-friendly and energy-efficient homes to their customers. Building a manufactured home can yield up to 90% less waste than a stick built home. Again, this comes back to the efficiency of factory construction. The use of Low to Zero VOC paints is better for the environment. Components like double flush toilets and low flow faucets cut on energy costs. Insulated walls mean less usage of temperature controlling devices which substantially reduces your carbon footprint. Today’s Manufactured Homes can be constructed with modern green practices in mind such as rainwater harvesting and grey water systems. These features serve to reduce environmental impact and contribute to the sustainability of the industry.

Technology has driven design forward and further improved the quality of Manufactured Homes in a streamlined, proficient way that makes this type of housing affordable, safe, custom and environmentally sustainable. These are the primary principles behind the industry and why more and more people are turning to Manufactured Homes. All things considered, when buying a new home is there any reason not to go the Manufactured route?