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We Are Manufactured Homes

Every day thousands of people buy their new manufactured home. Our passion is connecting them with the right dealers who have the tools necessary to efficiently guide them through the process.

We started with a simple goal and a big idea:

The goal

Our goal is to become to the ultimate manufactured home resource for all your home needs. Previously building and buying a manufactured home involved a lot of people using a lot of resources spread out over a large area, over a long period of time. Today no one has time to waste and everybody is instantly connected. For us, combining over 60 years of experience with the internet was the perfect solution to better help you buy your manufactured home and live a happier life.

The Idea

We thought, “What would happen if we took all the people involved and all the necessary resources, an brought them together under one roof?” The answer: You would have a place where the home buyer is provided with data about and access to hundreds of builders, retailers, and manufacturers in one simple, easy to use platform. As it turns out, that’s exactly what we did.

Welcome to ManufacturedHomes.com

We are fast becoming the “go to” site with the most concise, cohesive collaboration of manufactured home information available. We will provide the technology to efficiently optimize our industry’s infrastructure through communications and accountability. We will be the definitive resource that enhances our industry’s brand identity to ultimately benefit our users while furthering the overall advancement of our product.

We want to provide the tools to keep the manufactured home industry up to date and that means provide you with cutting edge technology.

We take care of the technology

We don’t want you to just value our service, we want you to love it. That means staying up to date on the ever changing field of technological innovation. Our team of programmers and designers stay on the cutting edge of their craft to bring you the most efficient, well designed, user friendly service imaginable.

We've got years on the competition

Our management team has over 60 years of in-field experience. We’ve worked extensively with home buyers, dealers, and managers at the grassroots level to achieve a thorough understanding of all the intricacies of buying and selling a manufactured home. We’re doing what we’ve always done. The only difference is that now we’re bringing all this knowledge directly to you.

We're more than just a directory

Today’s age is a social one. It was important for us to keep that in mind while developing ManufacturedHomes.com. See, we don’t want to be just a directory service – there’s plenty of those. We’re more interested in building a large, interactive community where people on both sides of the industry come together in a free exchange of ideas. What’s more exciting than buying a new home? We invite you to share that experience.