Manufactured Homes Green Building Techniques

Aside from modern technology and contemporary floor plans, manufactured homes also use green building techniques. This means you can custom-build a manufactured home while also keeping it environmentally friendly.

Manufactured housing is ahead of the game when it comes to environmental impact. When compared to traditional homes, manufactured homes require less raw material, are factory-built, and require less space. They can be built from renewable resources. All things considered, it’s easy to see how manufactured homes leave the small environmental footprint that many are now looking for.

Green Building Materials

When building your manufactured home, think about using materials that are long lasting, reduce waste, and preserve resources. Not only will you save money on repairs, you’ll also reduce landfill waste. When building your new manufactured home, use recycled insulation, and suggest recycled lumber for studs. If you’re able, you can also opt for particleboard, paints, and other materials that are low in volatile organic compounds. Known as low-VOC materials, these will not release toxins inside your home.

Energy-Efficient Design

So, now you may be wondering what eco-friendly features manufactured housing can offer. Manufactured homes inherently use renewable building materials, and prefab home builders build no more than is required by the homeowner. However, manufactured homes also offer numerous green building techniques that can turn your home into its own sustainable resource.

To do this, consider outfitting your manufactured home with green items such as self-generating solar panels. Since technology has drastically reduced the size and weight of these once large panels, going green is easier than ever. For example, you can add:

  • Small wind turbines to generate your own electricity
  • Lightweight, roof-mounted air collectors for solar water heating
  • Solar electric or photovoltaic systems (PV) to produce pollution-free electricity
  • Sun-shading devices for cooling your home, rather than expensive air conditioning

Talk to your local manufactured home dealer about green building techniques for your new manufactured home. Further possibilities include insulated windows, energy-efficient doors, timed thermostats, on-demand hot water heaters, energy-efficient lighting and appliances, and geothermal heat pumps. These are still only just a few of the great ways to ensure your manufactured home will be energy efficient in the long run.

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