Manufactured Home Shipments And Sales Increase While Prices Remain Lower!

According to the most recent (2013) U.S. Census Bureau Survey official statistics compiled on behalf of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), manufactured housing continues to post results confirming the acceptance and affordability of today’s modern manufactured home.

Shipments for 2013 Projected to Exceed 2009 Levels

Official statistics of HUD Code manufactured homes totalled 6078 homes shipped in October 2013, an 18.5 percent increase over the 5127 homes shipped in October 2012. The same survey shows  total manufactured home shipments of 51,400 homes year to date through October 2013, as compared to shipments of 47,000 homes for the same period in 2012, an increase of nine percent.

The seasonally adjusted projections based upon October 2013 shipments most likely will exceed 60,000 homes for the full year which will eclipse the the total of 49,683 manufactured homes shipped in 2009.

The manufactured home rebound began in late 2011 and has steadily improved through 2013, easily outpacing the new site built home construction rate during this recovery period.

The State of Texas Leads the Nation in Manufactured Home Sales

Shipment and sales statistics indicate that the manufactured home is increasingly becoming the preferred choice of homeowners in multiple geographical areas across the United States.

The Lone Star State of Texas continues to be home to the largest number of manufactured home production facilities, and also the leader in manufactured home sales in the nation.

For more information on how and why the citizens of Texas have a love affair with new manufactured homes read “The Lone Star State Loves Manufactured Homes

A closer look at the official industry statistics by the Manufactured Housing Association For Regulatory Reform (MHARR) shows the top ten shipment states from the beginning of the industry production rebound beginning in August 2011 through October 2013—with cumulative shipment totals during this period are listed below, as reported by MH Living News.

1. Texas 24,515 homes

2.  Louisiana 9,594 homes

3.  Florida 6,171 homes

4.  North Carolina 5,530 homes

5.  Alabama 5,496 homes

6.  Kentucky 4,958 homes

7.  Mississippi 4,869 homes

8.  California 3,983 homes

9.  Oklahoma 3,957 homes

10. Tennessee 3,934 homes

Some of the other states where 2013 manufactured home sales have increased significantly over the same period in 2012 include Arkansas, Colorado, Missouri South Carolina, and Ohio. In fact, there are a total of 35 states that showed shipment results greater than 2012 levels and 3 states with no change.

Affordability Gap Widens Between Manufactured Homes and Site-Built

According to data produced by the U.S. Commerce Department’s Census Bureau from a survey sponsored also by HUD, the average price of a new manufactured home in October 2013 was $62,200.  Contrast the current pricing to the pricing in 2005 was $62,600. Over the past 10 years there have been slight price fluctuations, but have remained close to today’s average sales price.

Meanwhile, the prices of traditional new site built construction continues to rise, whereas today’s manufactured home pricing remains stable. At the same time, the improvements in quality, performance, safety, and durability of manufactured housing offers an even more affordable home alternative to families and people seeking high value for their financial investment.

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