The American Dream of Home Ownership is With The Reach of Millions!

All consumer studies and surveys indicate that Americans who are presently renting overwhelmingly still believe that someday, somehow, and someway their dream of home ownership will eventually be realized.

This unique American dream is still alive, but has been dissipating somewhat over the last few years. The weakening of the national economy, depressed wages, escalating prices of site-built homes, U.S. debt, and big government social welfare and rental subsidy policies tend to lengthen the waiting period before those American dreams might be realized, if ever.

And now the good news!  When Americans dream of owning a home they will typically have a mental picture of a traditionally site built home with features, qualities and amenities to fit their family’s preferred lifestyle. Unfortunately, that site-built lifestyle vision may not be affordable. Fortunately, a new manufactured home can meet all of the criteria associated with that dream of home ownership, and still be affordable and attainable.

I’m sure that there are many of you who may have not considered a new manufactured home as an alternative to a site-built home. Most likely the vision of what a manufactured home is, does not align with what a dream home should be, or you have perceptions about what manufactured homes are, or are not.

The more you know about the modern manufactured home the more you will realize that your ideal home is available with all the quality, features, amenities, and flexibility of design to meet and/or exceed your expectations of a dream home, at a cost at least 15 to 35 percent less than a comparable site built home. In fact, it entirely likely that a modern manufactured home may be the only truly quality, affordable form of home ownership now and into the future. The manufactured home is an alternative to the traditional site built home, that does not require you to compromise what you expect in your dream home.

With a new manufactured home there is little reason to wait or forego that dream of owning a home that can be built to exacting specifications which meet your families wishes, desires, and needs, and that you may well will be living that dream in just a few weeks!

Here at we are dedicated to providing information and resources to bridge the gap between pre-conceived perceptions and today’s reality regarding new manufactured homes.

We have a virtual library here on this site that details almost anything that  might interest you concerning manufactured homes. Feel free to explore floor plans, videos, and obtain price quotes on particular models. We have posted almost 200 articles regarding America’s home.

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