Top Manufactured Housing News of 2016

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The appreciation and acceptance of manufactured housing and modular housing has continued to be an ever important choice for thousands of homebuyers across the U.S. The latest official sales and shipment statistics  provided by the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) indicate that total new HUD manufactured home shipments in 2016 will surpass 2015 results, continuing a winning streak of 5 consecutive years of surging growth beginning in 2011 following the great recession of 2008-2010.

 As we bid adieu to the year 2016, we are very aware there are a growing number of hardworking Americans whose  dream of owning a home has for some time been put on hold as a result of stagnant wages, diminished supply of affordable site-built housing, high cost of family medical care, and a federal political bureaucracy that has hamstrung financing opportunities for low and middle-income citizens. The “good news” there are big changes on the near horizon!

As we enter 2017 we are happy to report that those negative economic factors that have been impediments to affordable manufactured homeownership are beginning to dissipate, allowing many to again dream the American dream in the New Year.

In addition to being the permanent source of information and relevant news for those seeking the uniquely American dream of homeownership, has also reported on a weekly basis the news stories and articles of interest that preview why 2017 will be the start of a resurgence that will see that every qualified family desiring to own a new affordable will have access to high quality affordable manufactured homes or modular homes.

Top MFH News of 2016

The following postings are the top stories 2016 that have and will continue to have a positive impact for manufactured homeownership for years to come  You are invited to read the full context of any of these reports by clicking the indicated link. Our first story is undoubtedly the most important news report of 2016.

What is, and what will be the “Trump effect” on affordable homeownership in the new year?  Perhaps that question is already being answered. According to a 12/27/16 Associated Press report, Americans are the most confident they’ve been in more than 15 years. This was based upon the  Conference Board which reported on Tuesday that consumer confidence has reached its highest level since 2001 in the aftermath of a divisive election campaign.

Trump’s campaign promises or rhetoric, regarding an overhaul of the aforementioned economic factors and regulatory reforms would certainly smooth access to affordable manufactured housing for millions of low to middle-income Americans seeking the dream of homeownership, particularly equitable financing reform.

Here at MFH we have on several occasions addressed the need to overhaul or replace the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation that includes unintended consequences extremely harmful to the sale and financing of manufactured homes, as well as the failure of government agencies to enforce a Congressional mandated “duty to serve”  manufactured by the government-backed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac financing servicing enterprises.

Considerable progress has been made recently in rectifying these politically inspired injustices. Most home shoppers who have been disqualified from purchasing a manufactured home probably have no idea the real reason why they don’t qualify. To learn more about these issues and what incoming President Trump’s proclaimed intentions are, you are invited to click the below links:

Top MFH News of 2016

MFH News 

Trump wins, now how will he govern? (Posted 11/16/16)

CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) ruled unconstitutional  (Posted 11/21/16)   

Dodd-Frank called “a mistake (Posted 11/28/16)  

Manufactured housing industry counts on FHFA ruling to allow government-backed financing (Posted 12/14/16)  

 USDA 502 financing plan for California and Ohio  (Posted 6/13)

USDA Manufactured Home Financing Available for Low-to-MIddle Income Residents in Land Lease Communities: USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has become a little-known source, yet an important one, for low to middle-income citizens purchasing new manufactured homes in rural America. In 2016 the USDA has initiated the 502 Pilot Program a direct financing program for new manufactured home and modular homes purchasers locating in land lease communities (also called “mobile home” parks) that is funded by the U.S, government and co-opted with various states including New Hampshire, Vermont, California, and Ohio The USDA pilot program offers financing options including reduced down payment requirements, lower mortgage costs and longer terms. 

MFH Featured Retailers and Manufactured Home Retailers Share a Mutual Dedication for Total Homebuyer Satisfaction: “From whom you purchase is as equally important as which home you purchase.” Here at we have featured an outstanding retailer’s profile each Friday in our blog/news section from around the country that display and represent quality and value manufactured homes and have a  long-held reputation for dedication to total customer satisfaction, through the purchasing experience and after sale service. The four retailers linked below are a sampling of those with these honorable characteristics.

M & W Home Sales of Hemet, California serving Happy manufactured home buyers for over 57 years …

United Family Homes: #1 manufactured home retailer in Idaho, where customer satisfaction and quality comes first …

Affordable Homes of Crestview, Florida, “Making your dreams of affordable home ownership in the Florida Panhandle” …

Clayton Homes of Burleson, Texas “a pleasant one-of-a-kind manufactured home shopping experience”…

The staff at wish all a blessed and HAPPY NEW YEAR

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