AFR is Training America’s Loan Officers in Manufactured Housing

AFR’s unique approach to lending is expanding the manufactured housing industry’s presence by training and educating local and national mortgage brokers to understand the ins and outs of factory-built housing. As AFR demonstrates their dedication to the industry with its One-Time-Close construction loan program specifically for manufactured homes, the organization is quickly becoming one of the nation’s largest manufactured home lenders. Having a nationally recognized player in the mortgage sector that actively provides training is a major step for prefab housing, and the benefits that AFR’s proactive approach brings to the table cannot be overstated. This initiative will empower hundreds of new industry professionals to break into our emerging market, while providing them with the tools to become educated on the unique nuances of manufactured home lending.

We spoke with Laura Brandao, President of AFR, and asked her about what attracted AFR to our industry. She stated,

Laura Brandao - AFR President
“Simply put, factory-built housing is the future of housing in America. In a world that rewards efficiency we have quickly recognized that manufactured homes provide the best value and buying power for today’s consumers.”
– Laura Brandao, President

It’s clear that AFR understands manufactured housing needs a variety of financing options to effectively expand its market share. AFR has partnered with their extensive network of mortgage brokers to offer both conventional and unique manufactured housing lending programs.
Through their AFR University Training and Certification program, they provide loan officers with both live and on-demand instructional webinars to help them get more knowledgeable and comfortable with manufactured home-specific loans. In an effort to provide maximum flexibility for loan officers, LOs take these training sessions at their convenience. Once a loan officer has completed a set course of instruction, AFR provides a “Manufactured Housing Specialist” seal, which can be included in email signatures, adding another layer of credibility to their professional portfolio.
With a wide array of additional financing programs available – including FHA, VA, USDA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – AFR and your local mortgage broker are standing by, ready to help meet the needs of this growing segment of the housing market.

In honor of AFR’s commitment, lenders that have completed their training will now have a badge included on their listing page and a flag in the listing results, showing our users that they have been recognized by AFR as leaders in factory-built housing financing.

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