How the Housing Industry was Saved: Manufactured Housing’s New Role as Market Stabilizer

Manufactured homes and the accessibility that their building techniques provide for all income levels are saving the dream of home ownership in 2018. Whether you’re in the market to fly your new tricked out home onto your complex in the Malibu Hills, or you’re moving your family to your new-to-you first home, an assembly-line-built house provides lower wait times and higher satisfaction rates across the board. Financing, insuring, and manufacturing these homes can be nearly completely done by most manufactured home dealers and manufacturers out there. The efficiency of the process versus traditional models is staggering. Though no two homes are right for every family, if you are considering a manufactured home or modular home, you’ll be enjoying these industry-leading standards in every model. This is manufactured housing’s new role in our society.

Financing and Building Integrity


To begin, there is zero chance of vandalism or weather damage and countless other variables that come with building on-site. Every member of the assembly team is skilled at what they do and dedicated to putting out the best product possible. This is their job and their livelihood; your home is their signature of quality. Trusted fabricators like Deer Valley Homebuilders, KIT Custom Homebuilders, Fleetwood Homes, and Sunshine Homes all seek to push innovation in building standards and customer satisfaction with each product they send off the line. This all results in a home you can trust to keep you and your family safe and happy for years to come. One less worry on your plate, and a product that speaks for itself concerning the builders. When something long lasting is made, everyone involved with the process benefits.

Financing a manufactured home provides its unique options for receiving funding and paying it back. Because some homes of this kind are not structurally attached to the land they occupy, those specific types of buildings qualify for a Chattel Loan. This kind of loan is only available for property that is not attached to “real” estate. “Real” property would be something that’s immovable, like a stick built home is. This restriction does not truly apply to off site-built houses. Most manufactured homes are considered to be “personal” property because they can be moved, with the help of professional movers. An important, money-saving distinction, it reveals manufactured housings new role in the marketplace. 

Manufactured Housing’s New Role

All these reasons and more have given power back to the American home buyer. Competition in the market always benefits the consumer, and being aware of your options is the only way to establish competition between service providers. Manufactured housing’s new role is to supply new and fresh options for Americans seeking to own a home. An educated customer is the one that saves money in the long run, and is here to help every one of our customers be as educated as possible in their home buying mission.

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