Manufactured Home Decorating Ideas

While getting into your new manufactured home is important, the task that remains once you’re in is: how best to complete decorating? How best to make this space your own and truly make it a home? The important thing to remember is that this is your own personal space. You can do as you wish and get the best out of what your new purchase by being true to yourself and your sense of style. That being said, taking inspiration from others on what to do and not do is definitely helpful in making your new place a space you want to live in, a good way to compliment all of the features you finished customizing during the buying process. So, how to start? First, let’s review our growing list of the best decorating ideas for manufactured homes. This list is based on tips and advice from interior designers’ for certain dimensions that most affect a manufactured home: space management, rectangular-feeling rooms, ceiling height, multi-functional rooms, and so forth. Take these into consideration when starting your manufactured home decorating.

Manufactured Home Decorating Ideas :

  • Use a light wall color- throughout the entire home to open the space up and create cohesiveness. It really is amazing how much a paint color makes a space feel either warm, welcoming, and spacious or cold, barren, and tiny. You don’t have to use the same exact wall color throughout,  but do keep the tones warm so the room gives that feeling off!
  • Use any dead space in your home for storage. Getting full use out of each of the square feet you paid for will help fill out the room and keep everything tucked away and neat.
  • Mirrors- help make a space feel larger and your ceilings look taller. Using them will give a grand-hall feeling to any gathering space in your home!
  • Pay attention to detail. Trim and accents that pull the space together can update a room quickly. So, keep in mind all the nuances of a room’s installed decoration and use products that compliment that initial sense of style your home comes with.
  • Control Clutter. The less you have, the less you have to clean or store. Having a bunch of stuff you don’t use is only making your home look more disarranged and disorganized. If you haven’t used or thought about it in a month, you don’t need it!
  • Use properly scaled furniture. Buy furniture that isn’t too big or too small, but don’t be scared to have one or two large statement pieces that are functional.
  • Be creative. It’s your home and your space, so make it feel that way!

manufactured home decorating

Using all of these tips and being in touch with the original vision you had when building the home gets the job done the right way. A manufactured home decorating job is only as good as the idea behind it, so don’t be afraid to do more research and really leave your personal touch on the property. That’s one of the reasons you bought a new home with the help of manufactured home lenders and manufactured home retailers in the first place!

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