The Booming Millennials Love Affair with Manufactured Housing

Advertisements reinforcing Millennial stereotypes are everywhere in today’s market, and for those individuals in their twenties and early thirties, it’s almost impossible for a day to go by when someone doesn’t crack a joke about how they’re a group of avocado toast-eating, “participation trophy”-loving individuals who are going to be lifelong renters or living out of a parent’s basement.

The truth? These assumptions couldn’t be further from correct (although avocado toast is delicious). According to a Zillow recent study, 18-to-34-year-olds make up 42 percent of all current homebuyers, and plenty of these eager Millennials are in search of unique alternatives to expensive condo fees and suburban McMansions. In turn, manufactured and modular housing is becoming increasingly popular with this set of young adults who value smart, thoughtful design over sky-high mortgages.

Millennials Love Affair with Manufactured Housing

If you’re looking to convince your favorite Millennial that a manufactured home is right for them, start out by sharing some of the reasons below. (You shouldn’t have much trouble after that…)

1. They’re eco-friendly: Millennials are an environmentally-conscious group, and this carries over into their housing preferences. Fortunately, manufactured housing is far and away more sustainable than a new construction, easily helping to reduce a person’s carbon footprint. There are plenty of LEED-approved lines of manufactured homes and EnergyStar options, for starters, plus the structures easily lend themselves to additional upgrades, such as solar panels. What’s more, construction of manufactured homes produces less waste than their traditional counterparts, with some companies even able to fit the entire trash contents from the creation of a single home into one garbage bag.
2. Safety First: Any old stories you’ve heard about manufactured homes and lightning or tornadoes—toss those out the window. The new generation of houses is some of the most rigorously tested structures around, from wind safety to fire prevention. This means—unlike that charming house built in the 1800s with the rickety front porch railing—you can be sure you’re not in for a hefty repair bill at the slightest breeze.
3. Lose the hard hat—no renovations required: When it comes to site-built homes, a buyer can feel like Goldilocks: Some houses are too big, some houses are too small, and it’s almost impossible to land on the one that feels just right. And renovations? Most millennial budgets can’t stretch that far. Fortunately, manufactured housing is infinitely customizable, whether you’re looking for a Jacuzzi tub, sliding barn-style doors or the home office of your dreams.
4. Consider Fido in all of this: Pets are a priority for Millennials, but finding rental spaces that don’t wince at the thought of your beloved Husky shedding all over their unit is tough. What’s more, many apartment buildings, co-ops, and condominiums continue to charge resident a pet fee—even if they’re owners! Manufactured housing provides your dog, cat, hamster or lizard a place to roam around that’s free from worry about whether or not they might accidentally mistake a cabinet for a scratching post.
5. The Price is Right: Bottom line? Manufactured housing is all the quality of a site-built home with a much better price point, even for those with a budget on the smaller side. While traditional housing averages $109 per square foot, manufactured housing cuts that by more than half at $49, without skimping on any of the important details (like safety) or equally important extras (like that kitchen you’ve been dreaming about).

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