4 Reasons Why Manufactured Home Dealers Should Switch to CRM-driven Marketing

Reason 1: Higher Rate of Conversions

A CRM analyzes leads that can be converted using various marketing strategies. Customer demography and position in the sales funnel will increase your retailers’ profitability with a system that is built specifically for the manufactured housing industry. This creates better conversions and return on investment. It is important to receive leads in real time, and have your salespeople handle those leads as quickly as possible. Don’t forget: time kills deals. With MhCRM, a brand new CRM for the manufactured housing industry, leads come into the CRM in real time, and the creation of deals can be automated!

Reason 2:  Customer Insights

Spend more time growing revenue and less time trying to decode leads that your team receives. When a lead gets entered into a CRM, you should have an understanding about your customers’ needs and requirements. All pertinent factors for your salespeople to reach out to your prospects will be stored in the CRM. This establishes a good relationship with your customers, and a higher chance of converting a prospect into a homebuyer.

Reason 3: Personalized Experience

Time is money. Nowadays, the savvy consumer has the ability to choose their dream home from a variety of choices available to them through the internet. Targeting the right audience is an important aspect for any lead generating business. A good CRM helps narrow down your audience by pre-qualifying the leads for you. With automations that are built into MhCRM, you can choose how you want leads distributed, and if you want to disqualify specific leads (that may be out of your territory), MhCRM can do that too.

Reason 4: Accountability

A CRM helps with enforcing accountability. Every activity and campaign designed for your customers should generate noticeable results. However, follow up is incredibly important. A CRM can help keep you organized. Sales teams that use a CRM in lead generation, tracking and field sales have a centralized database of information that trickles down through every department. Sales teams should be using a CRM to input customer information for those prospects who walk onto the lot, ensuring that information is captured appropriately.

MhCRM allows you to elevate your brand by delivering legendary experiences to your customers. Built specifically for professionals in the manufactured housing industry, MhCRM’s solution helps you manage and maintain customer relationships with tools focused on reporting, accountability, and follow-up. Streamline your sales and marketing, and take the guesswork out of customer engagement and retention.

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