Hometown America’s Laguna Terrace Park Offers Affordable Housing with Ocean Views

Thanks to Laguna Terrace Park, it’s still possible to have an affordable home in Laguna Beach that’s close to the ocean.

Located in the heart of Southern California’s pricey beach communities, Laguna Beach has traditionally been known as an enclave for the ultra wealthy and powerful. But like changing architectural styles, Laguna Beach is no longer reserved for just those with the financial ability to spend millions on their next home –  thanks to Hometown America at Laguna Terrace.

Laguna Beach Manufactured Home Community

Hometown America’s Laguna Terrace Park

The Hometown America philosophy is simple and to the point: Laguna Terrace Park is an ocean view land lease community that offers new manufactured homes and pre-owned homes to buyers considering their next stage of life. And embracing the Laguna Beach lifestyle at an extremely affordable price.

Laguna Terrace is where life truly begins. Rather than hearing the constant buzz of society, residents wake up to breathtaking ocean views, take a dip in the pool or spa, explore Laguna Beach or relax with neighbors in the clubhouse.  Homeownership at Laguna Terrace Park is almost like taking a permanent vacation, it embraces a lifestyle most can only dream of.

Laguna Terrace Park

Laguna Terrace Park: Location and Amenities

Hometown America is proud to display and offer many custom homes for-sale produced by Skyline Homes in San Jacinto, California. Skyline Homes is one of the oldest and most respected builders of high quality, skillfully designed and value oriented manufactured homes in North America.

Hometown America and Skyline Homes of San Jacinto offers a wide spectrum of easily customizable models, floor plans, amenities, and decors – specifically designed to meet the needs and desires of the laid-back California lifestyle.

Hometown America at Laguna Terrace Park

Hometown America currently displays three prefabricated housing models by Skyline Homes. Each of the Skyline models is engineered and designed to take full advantage of the ocean view from Laguna Terrace, as well as the outdoors lifestyle.

The Palm Haven Premier, The Amber Cove Custom, and The Amber Cove

Contact Info |  Address:  30802 Coast Highway Laguna Beach, CA 92651 |  Telephone:  (949) 499-3021 |  Website: SkylineHomesLagunaBeach.com
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