2020 Report: 96% of Home Searches Began Online with 51% of Home Sales from Online Generated Leads.

According to ProBuilder.com  “Do You Convert” data, 51% of home sales came from online leads in 2020. The online sales and marketing consulting firm for builders and developers says this is 20% higher than the 2018 rate when less than one-third of online leads turned into actual home purchases. Livable reports 96% of home searches begin online, meaning online sales platforms are anticipated to see huge growth in the coming future.

“Do You Convert”  collected data from more than 50 builder partners to compile the report. These developers logged lead conversions during the frenzied late spring homebuying season compared to the same period a year prior. As a result, more companies brought on online sales specialists to follow up on these leads.

Throughout the pandemic, prospective manufactured home buyers have been eager to take advantage of the comprehensive virtual purchasing tools available to home shoppers here at ManufacturedHomes.com, at their convenience without health risks.

ManufacturedHomes.com is the nation’s pre-eminent platform providing a wealth of information and insights for manufactured home and modular home shoppers seeking high-quality affordable housing that will be equal, or superior, in every respect to custom site-built housing with a cost about 50% less.

Even before the onset of COVID 19, it had become apparent the online shopping utilizing the ManufacturedHomes.com and ModularHomes.com platforms had become the preferred method for thousands of home shoppers across the country. During the pandemic, the pace of online visitations has increased dramatically. In fact, retailers have reported that an even larger percentage of sales originated from online visitations at these two manufactured housing websites.

Here at ManufacturedHomes.com, we have provided a road map where you will find an enormous amount of manufactured home information that will lead you to an ideal home customized to satisfy your requirements and wants, at a price you can afford. The following are examples of information that we invite you to explore and enjoy your journey towards realizing the ideal homeownership, all from the safety, privacy, and comfort of home


  • Thousands of floor plans and models with construction specifications are offered by manufactured home producers and retailers in all geographical areas of the United States and Canada.


  • Large library of professionally produced 3D Virtual RealityTours that allow shoppers to self navigate actual model homes displaying amenities, decors, features, appliances, fixtures, and numerous customization options and available upgrades. This important popular feature has generated over 10 million tours over a recent two-year span.


  • A directory of finance/mortgage companies that specialize in all types of lending specifically for manufactured home purchasers including home only financing, land/home financing, FHA, USDA, and VA mortgages.


  • Hundreds of blogs and updates penned by manufactured home professionals offer comprehensive insight into “everything manufactured housing has to offer.” Samplings of recent articles that may be helpful in your quest for high-quality affordable homeownership.

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