Make Your Dream Home a Reality with MH Advantage ®

As individuals and communities, we’re always changing and growing. One thing that is always a part of the American dream, though, is the desire for homeownership.  This dream is made more attainable thanks to MH Advantage financing from Fannie Mae.


What is MH Advantage?

MH Advantage is a mortgage loan for a new generation of manufactured homes with features typical of a site-built, single-family home. These factory-built houses are designed to be indistinguishable from comparable site-built homes, while also being customizable to meet all of your unique desires, like open floor plans, bathroom upgrades, and high-quality exterior siding. MH Advantage® eligible manufactured homes help provide an option for consumers looking for a home that meets the architectural standards of a site-built house, but at a more affordable price point.


The Benefits of Choosing MH Advantage Eligible Homes

The benefits of choosing an MH Advantage-eligible manufactured home are plentiful. Qualified buyers will receive traditional, 30-year fixed-rate financing with benefits that exceed the standard manufactured home loan, including down payments as low as 3 percent. Simply put, MH Advantage® gives today’s consumers the ability to buy the home they want, without breaking the bank.

Customers will appreciate MH Advantage® eligible manufactured homes because of the top-notch features required to meet the loan’s high design and durability standards. Those include features like dormers, higher-pitched rooflines, covered porches, attached garages, and energy-efficient upgrades. These homes are installed on-site with features that ensure the home blends in with the neighborhood.


The Homebuying Process with MH Advantage

The home buying process couldn’t be easier. You’ll begin by partnering up with a retailer to find and customize your perfect MH Advantage eligible home. Next, you will work with a lender who is able to originate MH Advantage® financing to make sure you qualify. Remember that MH Advantage® is only available through lenders that partner with Fannie Mae. After that, the home is factory-built in a climate-controlled environment — and affixed with a special sticker which indicates that it’s MH Advantage-approved — then delivered and installed on a permanent foundation on your property. From there, the mortgage is completed just like a mortgage for a site-built home. It’s that simple!
The next generation of manufactured homes is here, and with MH Advantage, financing them is more affordable than ever for qualified buyers. To learn more about modern manufactured homes and the benefits of MH Advantage, head to

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