Eastern Oregon Home Center: Where High Quality Manufactured/Modular Homes For Sale Can Be Affordably Customized

Situated in the vast beauty of Eastern Oregon sits La Grande, Home to Eastern Oregon Home Center –  where buyers can comfortably shop for high-quality manufactured and modular homes for sale in a low-pressure atmosphere. Affordably priced, these modern prefabricated homes can easily be customized to your individual needs.

A picturesque and historic town with a population of about 14,000, La Grande, Oregon is a major hub in the Grande Ronde Valley. With Mount Emily as a towering landmark over the city to the north, the area’s beauty is balanced and matched by Mount Harris on the other side of the valley.

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Nestled in the Grande Ronde Valley is Eastern Oregon Home Center located in La Grande, Oregon: Just off Interstate 84, the primary thoroughfare that  snakes along the historic path of the Oregon Trail, about midway between Boise Idaho and the Washington tri-cities of Kennewick, Richland and Pasco, Eastern Oregon Home Center has been helping customers in Eastern Oregon and Washington since 2009.


Eastern Oregon Home Center was founded in La Grande, Oregon seven years ago by owner Heath Schiller, formerly an Oregon building contractor.  From day one Schiller has been dedicated and successful in providing his homebuyers with the high quality affordable manufactured homes and modular homes produced by Kit HomeBuilders West, built and shipped from their home building facility in Caldwell, Idaho.

Kit Homebuilders West, founded by predecessors in 1945 –  enjoys a long and extensive history of providing quality built manufactured homes and modular housing in the northwest and Rocky Mountain region. Kit Homebuilders West has maintained a never-ending commitment to providing an important part of the American Dream… a.k.a. homeownership.

Eastern Oregon Home Center of La Grande Oregon has been an exclusive retailer of manufactured and modular homes produced by Kit Homebuilders West from the very beginning. Heath Schiller explains why he’s never considered offering or displaying any other manufactured homes from any of the numerous manufacturers serving the region. “The difference between doing business with Kit Homebuilders West as opposed to other manufacturers is the quality of construction, materials employed and the Kit Homebuilders willingness and flexibility of design and customization,” notes Schiller.

Heath Schiller particularly appreciates that only with Kit Homebuilders West is he able to provide his customers with a customized home built specifically to their wants and desires, and one that matches the dream home that his customers have visualized.

The extra incentive is that Kit Homebuilders have mastered the customization process through efficiencies created by employing skilled craftsmen and design teams that are successful in maintaining value oriented pricing.

Heath Schiller explains the difference between Kit Homebuilders West and other manufactured and modular home builders, “Kit Homebuilders West is an independent manufacturer with all their resources in one location, Caldwell, Idaho, who builds homes one at a time and always have a “personal touch” with the retailer and each customer, as opposed to the large volume multi-plant companies that produce ‘cookie cutter one size fits all’  homes and love to say ‘no’ to customer customization requests.”

Eastern Oregon Home Center and Kit Homebuilders West have a shared commitment to outstanding customer service and satisfaction. In that regard, Heath Schiller is personally involved in every transaction before, during and after the sale. In addition, Eastern Oregon Home Center employs a trained professional service technician that is responsible to handle service issues as they may arise and coordinate with Kit HomeBuilders West in solving those issues quickly and to the satisfaction of the homeowner. That technician is Salvador Zepeda, who has been an integral part of Eastern Oregon Home Center since it’s founding.


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Eastern Oregon Home Center Contact Info  | Address: 11402 Island Ave La Grande, Or 97850 | Telephone: (541) 963-9319 | Heath Schiller (541) 561-5401

You are invited to take the following 3D virtual tour of the Kit HomeBuilders West Golden State Model 3013 for sale as a manufactured home or as a modular home by Eastern Oregon Home Center in La Grande, Oregon.

This home boasts 2735 ft.² of living space with 4 bedrooms, two baths, and a spacious family room.Elegant throughout with gourmet kitchen with natural wood cabinets and luxurious Master bedroom/bath suite.

Enjoy the tour. Feel free to linger!

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