American Home Store of Idaho: Serving Pocatello Area Manufactured Home Buyers For Over 20 Years With a Smile and Outstanding Service

The connected cities of Pocatello and Chubbuck, Idaho are called the “Gateway to the Northwest,” situated in southeast Idaho along the Oregon Trail. The epic trek of Lewis and Clark passed through this beautiful, still unspoiled area in 1805.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 6.01.26 AMPocatello/Chubbuck is blessed with a unique spirit tradition that has been nationally recognized, being ranked in 1 of the top 10 small areas to raise a family according to Primary Relocation and World ERC. Also recognized by Forbes Magazine as a “Best Small Place for Business”  6 years in a row. Pocatello has also been ranked by the AARP as one of the top cities in the U.S. to retire and one of the Best Small Cities in America by NerdWallet.

In 1948, the Mayor of the City of Pocatello, George Phillips, passed an ordinance making it illegal not to smile in Pocatello. The “Smile Ordinance” has remained on the books and Pocatello has been declared by the American Bankers Association as the “U.S. Smile Capital,” and in the spirit of fun, the “Smile Ordinance” is perpetuated by making “Smile Days” an annual event.

American Home Store in Chubbuck, Idaho has been serving manufactured home buyers in the Pocatello/Chubbuck area for over twenty years, continuing that unique spirit with a smile, custom homes, and outstanding customer service.

Owners Geoff and Edie Scoggin operate American Home Store in Chubbuck, self-described as a “mom and pop store,” with both being involved in every phase of the business, totally dedicated to providing customers with high-quality homes and a purchasing experience that satisfies the needs, desires and expectations of every customer, one at a time.

American Home Store in Chubbuck is an exclusive retailer for Kit HomeBuilders West. Kit HomeBuilders West of Caldwell, Idaho, is one of the oldest and most respected producers of high quality, value oriented custom manufactured and modular homes in the northwest.

Edie Scoggin explains why Kit HomeBuilders West is the only homes they represent and why they have never considered any other home, “ our customers want homes that meet their specific requirements and desires. Kit HomeBuilders West has the experience and manufacturing expertise to customize homes to exactly meet our client expectations.”  She explains the process. “The Kit HomeBuilders West team is always available to assist with our customers to make sure everyone is on the same page, other manufacturers often will say no to changes that aren’t convenient to their manufacturing process.”Him

American Home Store of Chubbuck home buyers often wish to place their new home upon a basement foundation, accomplished by ordering their new Kit HomeBuilders West as a modular home, produced without the manufactured home steel frame which facilitates basement installation.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 6.08.39 AMAmerican Home Store homeowners really appreciate the exterior residential choice of exterior styles, windows, doors and materials that are equal in appeal without  discernable differences between a Kit HomeBuilders West manufactured home or modular and a traditional site built home. And of course considerably less expensive.

American Home Store and Kit HomeBuilders enjoy a shared passion and commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.

Contact information: Address: 4955 Yellowstone Ave. Chubbuck, Idaho 82202 | Telephone: (208) 238-3644 | Website:

You are invited to take a 3D virtual tour of one of the Kit HomeBuilders West models displayed and offered for sale by American Home Store of Chubbuck, ID.  The Pinehurst 2507 model boasts 1654 square feet of beautiful living space with three bedrooms and two baths. Please note the features, quality details, and the acclaimed Kit HomeBuilders West design and workmanship.

Enjoy the tour!  And remember, “keep on smiling,”  it’s the law!

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