‘Discover Modular Homes’ Rolls Out New Business Model in Texas

The abundance of Texas manufactured homes is increasing, and we just discovered (pardon the pun) a new Texas retailer that is changing the game: Discover Modular Homes.

Texas is one of many states that are starting to realize that manufactured homes and modular homes are the only sensible solution to address the issue of a lack of affordable housing. However, the manufactured housing industry is taking a turn towards factory-built homes being a viable option for any individual, regardless of budget. As a result, Texas manufactured homes have seen an enormous growth this year already. It is quickly becoming apparent that the future of housing is factory-built.

With all the availability of housing alternatives today, Texans are selecting manufactured homes as their choice of homeownership. Texans realize that today’s manufactured home is a wiser choice because of the efficiency of assembly production, and supply chain management.

Modular Home Interior

Discover Modular Homes: the best in modular housing

Texas is a state that has continued to prosper economically far beyond surrounding states over the last several years.

Texas has become a refuge for individuals seeking employment opportunities, and a less complicated lifestyle. So, many businesses and industries are relocating to Texas, a state with lower taxes, less bureaucracy, and wide open areas.

There are numerous dealers and manufacturers available to residents of the state of Texas, and we are proud to say that we have discovered (pardon the pun) a new dealer who does things differently than most. We would like to present our newest retailer, Discover Modular Homes. Located in Dallas, Texas, Discover Modular Homes is now listed on ManufacturedHomes.com. Home buyers can view floor plans, detailed images, beautiful 3D Home Tours, request price quotes, or contact the dealer directly. We can confidently say that Discover Modular Homes will soon be one of the great Texas’ manufactured home and modular home retailers.

Discover Modular Homes is a fantastic new resource that is now being offered to potential home buyers. This new retailer takes pride in the fact that they utilize technology to make the home buying process as easy as possible, which is of particular importance. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and easing the home buying process, Discover Modular Homes’ business model is unlike anything that we have seen in this industry. For the first time, a consumer purchasing a home that they have not physically seen is not only plausible, but it is also possible. Utilizing technology and an innovative design center, Discover Modular Homes gives homebuyers the ability to purchase a home that they have not seen, with no concerns.

We encourage shoppers to see all of the floor plans offered by Discover Modular Homes here at ManufacturedHomes.com. Feel free to browse our Virtual 3D Home Tours, review construction specifications, and view photos. There are large plans in the future for Discover Modular Homes as well; there is a franchise model in the works, which will allow retailers to adopt and embrace their technology. Keep your eyes peeled, and towards Discover Modular Homes.

A press release just launched today on Discover Modular Homes as well. Take a look, and feel free to contact them if you have any questions.

Discover Modular Homes: 

Discover Modular Homes located in Denton, Texas

Telephone: 833-300-3001 | Website: Discover Modular Homes | 7833 Interstate 35 North, Denton, TX 76207

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