Wyldecrest Parks: Legendary U.K. Mobile Home Park Operator Coming to America

“We are currently in negotiations to purchase five of what they call manufactured home parks in America,” said Alfie Best, owner of Wyldecrest Parks. One of the largest mobile home park operators in Great Britain, Wyldecrest Parks has communities across England, Scotland, and Wales.

Synonymous with five-star luxury in the U.K., Wyldecrest Park Homes are set in beautiful locations with a wealth of on-site services and welcoming community of homeowners.

So who is Alfie Best? In the U.K., Alfie Best has earned legendary status as an entrepreneur, television and Youtube personality. His rags to riches story have endeared himself to millions of ordinary citizens who can relate and identify with his background and history.

Best’s road to financial security began when he purchased his first mobile home park in Romford, Essex, in 2001,  Lakeview Residential Park. Now an industry leader in the U.K., Wyldecrest Parks has set its sites on the lucrative manufactured home community business model in America. 

The following are excerpts from a lengthy interview with Alfie Best posted online by PropertyShowRooms.com

Q: Where in the states have you been looking and what kind of real estate have you been looking at?

A: We’re currently negotiating to purchase five what they call manufactured home parks in America. We’ve agreed, the deal and it’s now in the hands of solicitors (lawyers) to get the purchases finalized and closed. They’ve been signed over and we’re just in the hands of the attorneys to get everything closed. The parks are located in a place called Ocala, which is mid-Florida.

Q: What are the main reasons people want to live in park homes? 

A: In the U.K., from the naked eye it’s impossible to tell the difference from a park home and a bungalow. They are virtually the same. BUT to buy a like-for-like property then you’re talking about 50% more of the value of a park home.

Editor’s Note: The last three questions and his response would indicate that the myths and misconceptions about today’s U.S. manufactured homes apparently have found their way to Great Britain.

Q: So when people buy a park model in one of your developments, they also getting the benefit of location and other community services provided on site? 

A: In America, we are going to do the same as we’ve done here which is to deliver – as far as I’m concerned – five-star homes and move away from the perception of being on the bottom rung of the ladder. I’m not saying that the standard “trailer home” doesn’t fit the hole in the market in the states, but that’s not the model we’re going after.

Q: Would you agree that the UK park homes have become accepted as “much more luxurious than the ‘trailer homes’ we know and recognize in America?”

A: Well, actually the UK started off exactly like in America. Park homes were first called static caravans. Then they became mobile homes. Then they became park homes and today, they’re park home bungalows.“Over in the states, the market hasn’t developed in the same way, which is why we are there.”

Q: Will you be able to overcome the perception of ‘trailer homes’ in the states?

A: 100%. It won’t be an issue at all because all we have to do in the states is produce the product, put them on sites into the five-star developments we know we have.

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