Delaware Home Repair Program Includes Manufactured and Mobile Homes

The official nickname of the state of Delaware is “The First State.” As the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution, they’ve earned the right to that nickname.

The unofficial Delaware nickname is “The Diamond State.” Coined by the founding father famous for writing the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson supposedly first referred to Delaware as being “like a diamond-small in size but great in value.”

Delaware mobile and manufactured home repair

Both monikers represent the commitment of Delaware and their public service partners in the retention and maintenance of affordable and safe housing for its vulnerable homeowners, living on the financial margins. Of course, that concern also includes the vast number of Delaware’s residents currently residing in older mobile homes and manufactured homes.

Continuing to demonstrate the state’s tireless dedication to assisting its homeowners, the Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) has recently announced that qualified homeowners in need of assistance to keep their homes livable, can apply for assistance from the new Statewide Emergency Repair Program.

Delaware Statewide Emergency Repair Program

Delaware State Housing Authority

According to a report by Cape Gazette: The new program is administered by the Milford Housing Development Corporation, which was awarded $600,000 by DSHA to streamline the application process. DSHA had previously funded repairs through a number of partners, depending on jurisdiction. The Statewide Emergency Response Program has a single point of contact and operates in all three counties.

The new program is designed to address emergency conditions threatening the health or safety of eligible Delaware homeowners and members of their households. Qualified applicants must own their home, have lived there at least one year, and meet income guidelines. Situations that qualify for assistance include immediate health or safety threats such as heating system repairs, plumbing repairs, electrical repairs, roof repair or replacement, major structural repairs or urgent accessibility modifications.

Per the DSHA web site:

“Repairing roofs, fixing heating systems and solving accessibility issues are simple jobs that can be out of the reach of many people due to financial circumstances,” said DSHA Director Anas Ben Addi. “We’re pleased to be able to help with that by partnering with the Milford Housing Development Corporation and its statewide network of nonprofits and agencies that is helping reach people in need.”

A portion of the funding will go toward assisting residents of manufactured housing and mobile homes. Homeowners can apply to the Milford Housing Development Corporation at 302-491-4010 or toll-free at 844-413-0038. Staff will work with applicants to determine if they qualify.

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