Existing California law requires cities to allow the installation of manufactured homes on lots zoned for conventional single story residential dwellings. However, many of those cities have ignored that mandate, and have refused or ignored, without consequences, to comply with the provisions and/or requirements of state law.

Five percent of California’s population lives in a manufactured home, most homes placements are located in rural areas or within manufactured home land-lease communities (parks). Exclusion of individuals within urban areas from programs and state laws that facilitate home ownership is discriminatory and contrary to California’s policy to promote affordable housing.

The following EMAIL BLAST addresses lawsuit to enforce California cities to comply with provisions of state laws that mandate affordable housing, which includes manufactured housing.

State of California Sues Huntington Beach
to Force It to Build Low-Income Housing


The lack of affordable housing in California continues to intensify. Expensive land, tough
regulations and soaring building costs hinder California home builders. Local approval of
building permits can take several years to secure.


One of Governor Gavin Newsom’s first moves as the state’s governor was to file a lawsuit
against the City of Huntington Beach. The lawsuit asserts that the City is standing in the
way of affordable housing construction and refusing to meet regional housing needs.


The state alleges that Huntington Beach has not followed state law (Regional Housing
Need Allocation) requiring cities to provide housing to keep up with job and population
growth. This litigation pits local control over housing against state-wide mandates. Until
recently, there were no penalties for ignoring this law. However, the Governor has
threatened to withhold state funds from California cities that fail to meet state standards.


Huntington Beach is the first city to be sued for lack of compliance with this state law.
According to the lawsuit, this City of about 200,000, is required to build 533 low-income
housing units by the end of 2021 to meet its state-mandated quota. Look for more to come!
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