Bentli Homes: Your “One-Stop Shop” For Manufactured Homes, Land, and Financing In Northeast Texas

With Bentli Homes of Caddo Mills, it’s an easy commute from city to country living.

Bentli Homes has been a family-owned and operated manufactured home business since 2011. Located in the small Texas country community of Caddo Mills, in Hunt County, Bentli Homes is less than an hour commute from Dallas, just off Interstate 30.

A preeminent source for shoppers seeking the uniquely American dream of affordable, quality-built homes, Bentli Homes provides the type of full service that makes the dream a reality.

Clint Gordon, the owner of Bentli Homes in Caddo Mills and his team have a well-earned reputation for providing the regions very best in manufactured homes and customer service.

A “One-Stop Shop” For Manufactured Homes, Land and Financing

Clint believes one of the primary components of their success is Bentil’s “one-stop shop” program. For the customer’s convenience, the program makes available to customers, not only the finest manufactured homes but also an extensive listing of properties – including acreage and packaged financing options. The lenders noted within these packaged financing options have a long-established history with Clint and Bentli, which is based on honesty and mutual respect.

Another aspect of the one-stop shopping experience revolves around the accommodation of the customer’s needsBentli Homes employs a full-service, in-house construction team, that handles all of the onsite preparations and requirements; including foundations, utilities, and home installations.  

Clint addresses the importance of all these inclusive services.

“Much of the stress and anxiety experienced by the typical home buyers has to do with dealing with the various contractors and the coordination that must be done when putting all these elements together. Our customers really appreciate that Bentli Homes is happy to look after their interests before, during, and after the sale has been completed.”

Customers Can Expect a Friendly Shopping And Purchasing Experience

Knowledgeable and experienced, P.J. Woodard and Carlos Urizar of Bentli Homes of Caddo Mills, lead a friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable sales staff of seasoned professionals that share Clint Gordon’s dedication to making sure all customers are comfortable, and that their concerns are addressed expeditiously.

Clint is personally engaged with the needs of Bentli Homes customers and attends to any of their concerns. “I make a point of shaking their hands and thanking them for trusting in our company and letting them know that I am a ‘hands on’ owner and available in person or by telephone at any time to make any decisions that need to be made, regarding any aspects of their purchase or warranty service.”

Mr. Gordon acknowledges that Bentli Homes does little or no advertising, as almost one-third of their customers is “word-of-mouth” or referrals from previous customers.

Offering Homebuyers The Best Manufactured Homes Produced By The Most Respected Texas Manufacturers

Bentli Homes: Learn More about the 'Drake'

Bentli Homes of Caddo Mills is proud to display homes produced by two of the oldest and most respected manufacturers of quality oriented manufactured homes and modular homes in the state of Texas. Southern Energy Homes, produced in their home building facility in Fort Worth, TX, and Fleetwood Homes, built at their Waco, TX manufacturing facility.

Between these two manufacturers, Bentli Homes has available a choice of dozens of models, floor plans and custom options to meet the needs, wants and budget considerations of Bentli Homes customers. Both Southern Energy and Fleetwood share with Bentli Homes the unwavering dedication and quest for 100% customer satisfaction. Bentli Homes serves customers throughout Hunt County, Dallas County, Collin County and surrounding areas.

Bentli Homes | Address: 4369 FM 36S Caddo Mills, Tx. 75135| Phone 903-527 0100 | Website

Bentli Homes On Google

The following is a 3D virtual tour of ‘The Drake’, a prime example of one of the high-quality affordable Southern Energy manufactured home models offered by Bentli Homes in Caddo Mills, Texas.

As you proceed with the tour, please note the skillfully designed and innovative integrated floor plan. 


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