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What You Can Expect to Spend For a Manufactured Home With Land and What the Money Pays For

There are many factors affecting the cost of a manufactured home, instead of trying to address every option, we’ll breakdown the total costs that are estimates, which will give you a general idea of the prices associated with the various stages of the home transaction. The amount you pay, can and will vary.

Let’s say you receive a job offer to move to Sherman, Texas, It’s an average town with a population of 38,521 located in north Texas, about 60 miles north of Dallas, 30 miles southwest of Durant, Oklahoma, where the estimated annual median income for a family is about $50,000. You’ve spoken to your bank, and have $150,000 to spend on your home. You then choose a new modern dual section manufactured home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms with 1680 square feet of living space.

Note: The cost of permits and fees vary greatly by municipalities. This is not only because the costs of those are different, but because some regions have an entirely different list of required fees than others. The permits and fees specific only to our example placement in Sherman, Texas are included in our price breakdown.

LAND – $25,000

The land value may vary greatly depending on its location. The pricing we have used is based upon actual available land, zoned specifically for manufactured homes, in a rural area on the outskirts of Sherman, Texas. 


The base price is for a quality home equipped with standard and essential optional features most preferred by home shoppers.


Most manufactured home builders offer optional upgrades and customization features, allowing the homebuyer to personalize the home to meet specific wants and needs. Examples of optional upgrades and/or customizations available would be glamour bathrooms, covered porches, upgrade kitchen appliances, workstation/snack bar islands, entertainment centers, barn doors, additional cabinets and closets, additional windows, tray ceilings, increase or decrease room sizes, floor coverings, provisions for the handicapped, full or partial tape and texture drywall, exterior dormers, ENERGY STAR certified, etc. The $7000 listed is the average price of some popular upgrades, such as upgraded appliances, tray ceiling in the living room, dishwasher, upgraded carpet, tape, and texture drywall, and luxurious master bath, However, your cost can vary dramatically, depending on your personal preferences and circumstances.


Luckily, the costs of preparing this specific site prior to delivery and installation are relatively low. The property is already fairly flat and graded for proper drainage. The $30,000 price encompasses both pre and after delivery of the home to site. Those independently contracted services include septic system, water, and electrical lines and hook-ups, driveway, perimeter skirting, decks, steps, and various permits and fees.


We are assuming your intent is to place your new home on an approved foundation system and legally attaching the manufactured home to your property, enabling it to become an affixture to real estate in order to obtain traditional low-cost mortgage financing. 


Delivery and setup at your building site includes mating of the home sections, leveling, pier blocking, carpet installation, connections to utilities, tie-downs, testing appliances and furnace and final finish, which includes door adjustments, installing ship loose molding for interior close-up at centerline, cleaning, permit sign off, and walkthrough with customer. If the home has drywall interior the cost of setup will add from $500 to $750 to hire an onsite drywall contractor to tape, texture and paint the walls and ceiling where the two sections join.


The home manufacturer recommends a 4-ton central air conditioning unit for your sized home and climate where the home will be located. There are some manufacturers that include air conditioning in their price, However, that is not the norm, typically the air units are supplied and installed by local independent heating and air contractors.

Total Cost – $143,800

The total cost of your new manufactured home, including a nice plot of land, comes to $138,800. That averages out to around $86.25 per square foot of quality living space that includes three large bedrooms, two bathrooms, a beautiful modern kitchen and skillfully designed features and amenities found only in more expensive site-built homes.
Now that you have the costs involved with a typical manufactured home transaction, you are invited to shop floor plans, home sizes, construction specifications take unique 3D virtual tours of homes available and secure a no-obligation price quote from retailers near where you desire to relocate, all from the privacy of your home –  here at ManufacturedHomes.com  Simply type your town into our home page search bar.

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