Timberwood / 28683M

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Timberwood 28683M Layout


3 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

1588 Square Feet

28'0" x 68'0"



Flooring:Vinyl flooring
Shower:Baymont Tile Shower in master bathbath / 60” 3 pc. ABS tub/shower in guest bath
Sink:Acrylic sink w/ dual handle faucets in master bath / Plastic sink w/ dual handle faucets in guest bath
Fans:Exhaust fan
Cabinetry:36” height lavy cabinet
Lighting:3- bulb cosmetic light centered in master bath / 8” 2- bulb ceiling light in guest bath
Additional Specs:Towel bar & tissue holder
Backsplash:Laminate backsplash
Front Rear Eaves:6” eaves around home 28’ wides / 10” eaves around home 30’ wides
Roof Load:30 lb. Roof load
Side Wall Height:8’-6” flat ceilings
Exterior Wall Studs:2” x 6” Exterior walls
Exterior Wall On Center:16” o.c.
Floor Decking:19/32” OSB Floor decking
Floor Joists:2”x6” - 19.2” o.c. floor joist (2”x8” 30’ wides) / 2”x8” – 19.2 o.c. floor joist (16’ wide only)
Ceiling Insulation:R-21
Wall Insulation:R-21
Floor Insulation:R-11
Window Trim:6” Top & bottom trim FDS windows / 4” trim remaining windows
Dormer:18’ dormer w/columns accent paint per plan
Siding:LP Smart Panel exterior siding
Front Door:36” Steel in-swing front door no deadbolt
Rear Door:32” Steel in-swing rear door no deadbolt
Window Type:Vinyl clad thermo pane windows with Low “E” coating
Lighting:Black upgrade porch light front door / White porch light back door
Roof Pitch:3:12 Roof pitch
Shingles:Class A fire rated fiberglass 30 yr shingles
Carpet Grade:15 oz. Carpet installed
Tape Texture:Tape & texture walls w/rounded corners
Ceiling Texture:White textured ceilings (orange peel)
Doors:White 2- panel passage doors
Window Treatment:12” wood box valances w/accent L/R, F/R, D/R, M/Br, KIT
Window Type:Vinyl clad thermo pane windows with Low “E” coating
Lighting:Bedroom ceiling lights
Flooring:Vinyl flooring
Refrigerator:18 cuft. Whirlpool Black frost free refrigerator
Range Type:30” Whirlpool Black free standing electric range, w/clock, window & timer
Sink:7” Double cell stainless steel sink
Faucets:Dual handle chrome faucet
Drawer Type:Bank of drawers w/ 1 small & 2 large
Backsplash:Laminate backsplash
Cabinetry:42“ overhead kitchen cabinets
Range Hood:Range hood canopy w/fan above range
Lighting:LED can lights standard kitchens / LED can lights in dining room
All Ceiling Fans:Wire & brace ceiling fan living room/family room
Home Warranty Info:1 Year “wall to wall” warranty
Electrical Service:200 Amp. all electric service (gas optional)
Water Shut Off Valves:Master water shut-off valve
Shut Off Valves Throughout:Shut-off valve on toilets
Water Heater:30 gallon electric water heater
Furnace:Electric furnace


Timberwood 28683M Layout
Timberwood 28683M Kitchen
Timberwood 28683M Exterior
Timberwood 28683M Exterior
Timberwood 28683M Exterior
Timberwood 28683M Bathroom