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Bigfoot 8000 Layout
Bigfoot 8000 Kitchen
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840 SQ. FT.
16'" x 60'0"
Well proportioned quality single section maximizes space and eliminates hallways with bedrooms and private baths at each end of home, beautiful center kitchen with adjoining laundry room and spacious living room.


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Built By

Cappaert Manufactured Housing

Vicksburg, Mississippi


Bathroom Bathtubs:54" #2 bath tub
Bathroom Cabinets:24" overhead cabinets
Bathroom Countertops:Formica Countertops
Bathroom Custom Options:24"x36" untrimmed mirrors both baths
Bathroom Flooring:T & G OSB Flooring
Insulation - Ceiling:R11
Insulation - Floor:R14
Side Wall Height:8ft
Front Door:Front door with deadbolt & peep hole
Rear Door:Rear door with deadbolt & peep hole
Carpet Grade:Stardust carpet
Kitchen Cabinetry:Plywood base shelves in cabinets
Kitchen Range Type:Electric range (black)
Kitchen Refrigerator:18 ft frost free refer (black)
Electrical Service:200 amp total electric
Washer Dryer Hook Up:Wire for dryer
Washer Dryer Plumb Wire:Plumb for washer
Water Heater:30 gal electric water heater
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