What To Consider When Choosing A Manufactured Home Land-Lease Community

Selecting a land-lease community is equally as important as choosing the manufactured home that will meet the needs and desires of your family’s lifestyle. The decision to purchase a home is probably the most important decision that any of us will make in our lifetime. Where that home is located is also just as important in this decision making process.

When choosing a land-lease community to live in, you will want to make informed choices. Here are some of the issues and questions that you may want to have answered by the particular communities that you are interested in:

  • *What are your priorities? Do you want a community that allows pets? Are you looking for a community that is family oriented with playgrounds, pools and within a specific school district? Would you prefer an adult community where children are only temporary visitors?
  • *Determine whether or not you would like to live close to metropolitan areas and shopping, or a community in the country that is quiet and private.
  • *Ask for a copy of the community rules and regulations. Read them carefully to be sure you understand and are willing to abide by these rules.
  • *What are the terms of the lease you will have to sign? Make sure to have everything in writing that clearly defines the rates and conditions for each of the communities you are considering. Find out if there are community fees and what they include. Be aware that some communities may have additional fees that include trash removal, snow plowing, street maintenance, and common area upkeep.
  • *If you are placing a new manufactured home within the community, determine what the installation costs are and determine who is responsible for the installation and utility hook ups.
  • *If and when you decide to sell your home, find out whether or not the community has any regulations (i.e.home upgrades, age of home,rent increase to new buyer,etc.).
  • *Determine if there are any protections offered if the community owner decides to sell the community? Will there be assistance with relocation expenses if the land is sold for another use?
  • *How is the community’s security? Is the community well lit? Does the community offer gated or guarded entry?

The community you choose is as important as your home. It will be a place where you will live the single life, begin your marriage, raise your children or enjoy being and active adult. By taking the time to research and ask the important questions, you will guarantee yourself an enjoyable and worry free living experience.

Editor’s Note: If you would like more information about the manufactured home community lifestyle I would recommend reading my blog article titled: “ LAND-LEASE MANUFACTURED HOME COMMUNITIES:WHAT TO EXPECT

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