Energy Saving Tips For Manufactured Homes

Here at, we’ve written several articles detailing the superior energy efficiency features and options available when purchasing new manufactured homes. In fact, the energy savings inherent in the manufacturing process, along with HUD code requirements, results in energy efficiency equal and often superior to a traditional site-built home. In addition, at time of purchase from a manufactured home retailer, there are optional upgrades available to further enhance energy cost savings, including the Energy Star program.

Whether you have a new manufactured home or an older mobile home, you can increase its energy efficiency and reduce your utility costs by utilizing the following practical tips:

1. Check weather seal around doors and windows. If the seal is cracked, replace it.

2. Use weather stripping.

3. Use heat deflectors on registers (if room arrangement and register placement allow). Make sure the registers are tight, and sealed to the duct line.

4. Pull your shades or drapes at night. South-facing window shades or drapes should be open during daylight hours for solar heat gain.

5. Make sure the dampers on your exhaust fans and clothes dryer vents close completely to keep wind from blowing in.

6. Clean or replace your furnace filter often to reduce energy consumption. Make sure the roof jack and crossover duct are installed and working.

7.  Install storm windows.

8. Use tight-fitting window shades to reduce temperature condensation through the glass.

9. Turning down your thermostat when you are away to save energy.

10. If your manufactured home has a forced-air furnace, all registers should be kept clear of obstructions. To ensure adequate return air, do not block the furnace door. This allows maximum circulation of air and enables a lower thermostat setting.

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