This Week In Manufactured Housing News: November 20th – 26th

During a time of year when thoughts turn towards the things for which we’re thankful, much of the news from the manufactured housing community focused on ways to give back: whether helping those impacted by wildfires in California or tackling the affordable housing crisis. We’re thankful for those in our community helping others, and we’re thankful for you for reading along each week.

We Think Yes. The Arizona Republic asks, “Are manufactured homes the answer to metro Phoenix’s affordable-housing problem?” Short answer? Many experts think so, with the article exploring how manufactured housing has grown so popular in the metro Phoenix area that there are now upwards of 85,000 homes.

There’s Money in Manufactured Homes.
And out of Oklahoma City, a look at a recent, interesting white paper which outlines how prefab homes are not only an amazing investment, but a much-needed way to provide more affordable housing.

Staying Warm This Winter. A new incentive program in Eastern Oregon is encouraging manufactured housing residents to get energy-efficient home upgrades before winter temperatures settle in. “We are so excited to be part of this program for manufactured homeowners. The initial study proved these systems are much more energy efficient than we even thought—cutting the heat bill in half, plus having air conditioning in the summer, is great and even more so with these generous cash incentives.”

Helping Those in Need. In the aftermath of wildfire devastation in California, FEMA is looking to manufactured housing to help play a role in providing shelter for those in need. “FEMA is working with the state-led task force to determine how it can provide places for people to stay until Paradise can be rebuilt. That may include…types of manufactured housing units.”

Do You Know Your Local Laws?
The town of East Palestine, Ohio is currently at odds over whether manufactured housing should be allowed to be placed outside of designated communities. Obviously, we think the answer is yes, but the debate serves as a strong reminder that it’s important to be a local advocate and stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in your area.

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