This Week In Manufactured Housing News: January 28th – February 4th

From community development to stock market investments, this week’s manufactured housing news ranges from on-the-ground efforts to big-picture changes. Read below to catch up on the latest—Seattle to Wall Street and everywhere in-between.

Keeping Communities Low Cost. NPR ventures to rural Illinois this week to hear from manufactured home communities looking for ways to keep the land they rent affordable.

In Seattle, advocates are gearing up to defend manufactured homes as a crucial part of affordable housing in the city. “‘We take care of each other in the [manufactured housing] park. It’s like having your support worker next door, because we look after whatever’s happening.’ Gesturing to Cook, her neighbor, she added, ‘If she gets sick, we’re there. We all are involved in each other’s lives and our community.’”

Thinking Big, Thinking Small.
And up the road in Grand Forks, British Columbia, a new small-sized manufactured home development proposed for an area on the north end of the city could prove to be the answer to the area’s housing crunch.

Stock Market Tips.
For those investors keeping the bigger picture in mind, several analysts from the Money Show are singing the praises of manufactured housing as a major opportunity. “I think the ultra-affordable [manufactured] housing industry will continue to expand for several years. This should be an excellent time to buy the leading suppliers because their stocks were knocked down during the market correction.”

Loan Overhaul 101.
Over on Scotsman Guide, a look at the new—and potentially beneficial—financing options for manufactured homes. “Manufactured homes are quick to deliver, high-quality and relatively easy to set up, representing a viable alternative to traditionally built homes. Fortunately, we are seeing there has been an increase in financing options especially suited for the purchase of manufactured homes.”


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