Given that Sunshine Manufactured Homes has been a family owned and operated business for over 40 years, it’s not surprising they’ve sold over 88,000 homes across the United States. As John Gilbert, one of the sales representative for Sunshine Manufactured Homes explained, the company was founded in 1971 and its President / CEO John Bostick proudly calls a Sunshine modelHome.

President / CEO John Bostick

Sunshine Manufactured Homes President / CEO John Bostick

As Mr. Bostick explained to, “A single plant operation has greater agility and flexibility to problem solve and to create new opportunities.” And it’s those new opportunities that have taken the shape of some very stylish and well-appointed manufactured homes.

Sunshine Manufactured Homes

Sunshine Manufactured Homes

Built tough with a focused attention to detail – Stan Posey, the company’s sale manager explained why he too is proud to call a Sunshine Manufactured Home – Home: “Being part of a family owned business provides us with a lot of intangibles that other big businesses don’t have.” Stan explained, “I’ve been with Sunshine for 17 years, and most employees have been here 10 years plus – management has been here for 30 years.” Pointing to their company’s passion for excellence over the past 40+ years, Stan noted; “We treat every home like it’s one we are going to live in.”

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