Sunset Terrace Homes, Inc.: Providing Quality Built Manufactured Homes For Henderson Kentucky Since 1985

Sunset Terrace Homes is a family owned and operated manufactured housing retailer located in the greater Ohio valley. Specifically located in the beautiful city of Henderson, Kentucky. Sunset Terrace was founded approximately 30 years ago by Bob J.VanZant Sr. and son Bob VanZant Jr. The company has since earned a well deserved reputation for integrity and professionalism, providing high quality, affordable manufactured homes to hundreds of satisfied  home buyers in the greater Henderson, Kentucky area.

Sunset Terrace Homes is unique in that all services required to complete sales transactions are performed in-house by family members instead of outside contractors, resulting in substantial savings that are passed along to the homebuyer. This “turn key” concept includes home site preparation and foundation prep, transport to site within a radius of 120 miles, installation, and final finish; including connection to utilities, drywall closeup, carpet installation,etc.

 From Sales to Installation, Sunset Terrace Homes, Inc. Is Here to Help

From Sales to Installation, Sunset Terrace Homes, Inc. Is Here to Help

Family member Susan Gaines, secretary/treasurer of Sunset Terrace Homes, Inc. best explains how the family dynamic affects the success of Sunset Terrace Homes:

Our close family is individually dedicated and passionate towards

making certain that our customers receive the very best we have to

offer here at Sunset Terrace Homes, striving to make every customer

experience as pleasant as possible before,during and

following the sale completion.”  Susan explains that, “Our success is

a result of the many customer referrals from homeowners that are

satisfied with their  purchase and the services rendered here

at Sunset Terrace Homes.

Sunset Terrace Homes proudly features homes produced by renowned manufacturer, Sunshine Homes. Sunshine Homes has been consistently building high quality, value oriented manufactured homes and modular styled prefabricated homes since the Nixon administration. Like Sunset Terrace Homes, Sunshine Homes is a family owned and operated company with  shared values, most importance of of which is 100% customer satisfaction. Sunshine Homes offers a full line of homes in a wide array of sizes, floor plans, amenities, and options. Designed  with today’s modern home buyer in mind,  these homes are built  to satisfy   that prefabricated home buyer seeking to purchase quality and dependability, without sacrificing style.

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The good people at Sunset Terrace keep on display the more popular models and sizes by Sunshine Homes. Below are those Sunshine models presently  on display:

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 3.52.26 AM

Tours are available daily, except Sundays.

Sunset Terrace Homes direct Contact information:

Address: 2751 US Highway 41 North Henderson, Kentucky 42420

Telephone: 270-826 9745


All sunshine models and floor plans and construction specifications are available here at Simply enter Henderson, Kentucky on the search bar. Securing a no obligation price quote is easy as clicking “GET CUSTOM PRICE QUOTE” on any of the displayed floor plans.


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