Typically, shoppers seeking manufactured home or modular homeownership, with the idea of placing that home on land, will visit a local retailer for guidance on how the transaction will unfold. Often the customer will be on his own as to how this is to be accomplished, directed to realtors or land sellers to locate property, and then to contracting entities that will be responsible for the various processes involved in preparing the site, foundations, utilities, permits, on-site accessories, lenders and a multitude of compliance requirements dictated by local housing officials.

Dustin Arp, of family-owned Spark Homes in New Braunfels Texas, is not your typical retailer of manufactured homes. Sparks Homes specialize in tying high quality, high-value MH Advantage modular homes and HUD Code manufactured homes and real estate together, providing clients a hassle-free transaction with attractive low down payments, and low-interest financing through FHA, USDA, Conventional and VA programs.

Sparks Home services also include One-Time Close loans, land home packages and manufactured homes on acreage.

MH Advantage Loan Program With 3% Down Payments A Big Advantage For First-Time Homebuyers  

Also atypical is the Spark Homes utilization of the MH Advantage program that sets them apart. The MH Advantage loan program was re-launched by Fannie Mae in 2018. The program is designed to provide increased financing options for manufactured housing and close the gap between affordable housing and traditional site-built housing. MH Advantage certified homes are eligible for low-interest financing with as little as 3% down payments, a big advantage for first-time homebuyers.

Dustin Arp and staff at Spark Homes are well versed and experienced in all aspects of the MH Advantage program, providing manufactured homes that meet the certified program’s home and installation requirements, which require roof treatments distinct from manufactured homes, including eaves and higher roof pitches, lower profile foundations, garages, porches. and/or dormers. Interiors that feature drywall and kitchens and baths with upgraded cabinets, and exteriors that feature durable siding material.

Spark Homes takes the MH Advantage program one step further, offering engineered foundations and masonry skirting.

Spark Homes Offers A Large Selection Of High Quality Custom Homes From Top Manufacturers

Spark Homes offers over 160-floor plan choices, sizes, and models from two of the oldest and most respected manufacturers – Champion Homes and Meridian Homes – both with home building facilities in the state of Texas. Both build exceptionally high quality well designed residential-style customizable homes that conform to the MH Advantage program with all the features and amenities that are equal, or superior in every respect to a traditional site-built home and will qualify for the lower-cost financing and better terms than a non-conforming manufactured homes or modular homes.

Spark Homes serves modular homes and HUD Code homebuyers throughout the northeastern San Antonio/Austin corridor and beyond. Spark Homes inventories a selection of completed “turnkey” model homes for sale sited on real estate in several locations near their offices in New Braunfels, Texas.

The Spark Homes website allows shoppers to view floor plans, construction specifications and selected unique 3D virtual tours of beautiful, well designed manufactured home and modular home offerings available on a factory order basis as well as the aforementioned display models, all from the comfort of home.


Spark Homes Contact Information:

Address:           820 N.Walnut Ave. New Braunfels, Texas 78130


Telephone:       office (830) 251-2110

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