Selecting a Site for Your Manufactured Home

When you begin thinking about purchasing a new manufactured home, you should think about where your new home will be located.  The truth of the matter is: shopping for a location goes hand-in-hand with shopping for your home.  In some case, this can be a simple task. In others, it may bring up questions that will strongly influence your choice of the home you purchase.


When choosing a location, find out about rules and regulations of the community.  Become familiar with the community’s rent policies. Ask, for example, if children are allowed, whether you can have pets, what improvements are required, and the time frames required for completion.

Look beyond such obvious factors as appearance, size of lots, and landscaping. Find out in advance who is responsible for yard maintenance, garbage removal, and whether this is covered in your rent.

Don’t be in a hurry to select a community. Visit possible communities or home sites on several occasions, at different times of the day and during both good and bad weather.

Lastly, talk to residents for their opinions about the community. Talk to the community manager. Ask yourself if you are prepared to live up to the rules, and also find out if the rules are lived up to by other tenants. Find out exactly what is and isn’t included in your rent.

To locate communities in your local area and whether or not their rules in regards to age restrictions, amenities etc. would match your requirements, click “communities” at


Perhaps you want to place your new manufactured home on your own lot. This depends entirely on the regulations and restrictions of the town/county your property is located.

As a first step, go to your county courthouse, or city hall, and obtain a copy of the zoning ordinances that apply to the area in which you are interested. In any event, do not buy property until you know you can satisfy the local restrictions.

After you find a private site that suits you and know you can obtain any necessary approval, there are some other things to consider:

___Does the property have restrictive covenants or other deed restrictions that may limit your use of the property?

___How far away are utilities?  How much will you have to pay in property taxes?

___You will have to arrange for certain site preparations, they include: properly prepared concrete strips or a slab to support the necessary piers on which the home will sit, or an approved foundation depending on local conditions, adequate anchorage provisions, and connections to utilities.

___In some areas the utility companies require that connections be made by their own technicians.  In any case, be sure that the connecting is done by a qualified professional.  If water and/or hook-ups are not available, then you may have to dig your own well and install your own septic system. Check local regulations concerning these points.

Remember that your manufactured home dealer may be able to give you valuable guidance about locating on private property. There are also dealers that will coordinate your total site preparation in order to facilitate the sale.



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