Design Innovations in Manufactured Homes

In the last several years, the manufactured housing industry has seen rapid growth in the aesthetic variety of manufactured housing, helping the homes appeal to a broader market than ever before.

The flexibility to test new technologies in production of new designs in components and models — using a manufacturing facility for research and development — allows manufacturing home builders to be on the cutting edge of manufactured home advancements that is unmatched by any other form of housing.

The leading builders of manufactured homes will quite often build new model prototypes and install these homes at the factory location to secure public response and retailer feedback before including the home or home features in their model portfolio.

The addition of new products and the introduction of new transportation technologies have enabled factories to increase interior ceiling heights up to nine feet on many homes. Also, “hinged roof” systems allow designers to produce homes with higher roof pitches up to 12:12, so that manufactured homes can blend seamlessly into existing neighborhoods.

One of the most important developments within the last few years has been the development of two-story model homes. Until recently, engineering and materials technology, the physical restraints of many factory facilities, and transportation issues made the possibility of multi-story manufactured homes seem like a pipe dream. However, the development of innovative chassis and transportation systems have enabled manufacturers and developers to work together to produce attractive and affordable two-story units. While multi-story models are still a small percentage of the overall manufactured housing market, the tremendous consumer interest in the concept will translate into more and more manufacturers adding them to their housing lineup in the future.

The innovation and creativity of manufactured home designs have been duplicated by on-site builders, including the use of floor plan modules and components from manufactured homes. However, what cannot be duplicated on-site is the affordability and value of the manufactured home of today.


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