Coronavirus: Manufactured Home Shopping From Safety and Comfort of Home

“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving; we get stronger and more resilient”  – (Anonymous)

Over the last few months, our fellow citizens have been blindsided by an invisible enemy that has changed our lives forever. However, the people of our great country are bonding together in special and unique ways that will absolutely be a catalyst to a bright future. Make no mistake about it, the American resilience will prevail in defeating COVID 19.

Spring into summer is the home-buying season for thousands of American’s seeking the uniquely American dream of homeownership. Unfortunately many have put a temporary hold on those aspirations due to conformance with the “stay at home” protocols requested or mandated by federal and state officials. That should not, however, deter new manufactured home shoppers from continuing their aspirations of homeownership. In fact, it is still possible to continue and enhance their shopping experience from the safety and comfort of home.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has updated its guidance to states and localities about the essential workforces that can remain in operation during the COVID-19 outbreak. This has been interpreted to include housing-related operations that encompass manufactured home builders, retailers, lenders, suppliers and contractors as being essential endeavors. A majority of these manufactured housing entities remain operational for at least the time being.

Self-sequestered serious manufactured home shoppers desiring homeownership and those that perhaps have never considered the advantages manufactured housing may discover here at that  “staying in place” at home may actually benefit both; those serious shoppers seeking the ideal new manufactured home custom built to meet their specific needs and desires, or those who dream of homeownership but have not considered the advantages of a new home built in a factory.

Manufactured is the nation’s preeminent platform providing a wealth of information and insights for manufactured home and modular home shoppers seeking high-quality affordable housing that will be equal, or superior, in every respect to custom site-built housing, with a cost up to 50% less.

Purchasing a home will likely be the most important and consequential decision that any of us will make in our lifetime. Here at ManufacturedHomes.comwe have provided a road map where you will find an enormous amount of manufactured home information that will lead you to an ideal home customized to satisfy your requirements and wants,  at a price you can afford. The following are examples of information that we invite you to explore and enjoy in your journey towards realizing the American Dream, all from the safety, privacy, and comfort of home.

  • Thousands of floor plans and models with construction specifications offered by manufactured home producers and retailers in all geographical areas of the United States and into Canada. Typically each manufacturer will feature from 40 to over 100 choices of a single section, multi-section, and modular homes. Sizes range from a minimum of 400 square feet (“tiny home”) to estate-sized homes in excess of 3,000 square feet.
  • Large library of professionally produced 3D Virtual Reality Tours that allow shoppers to self navigate actual model homes displaying amenities, decors, features, appliances, fixtures, and numerous customization options and available upgrades. This important popular feature has generated over 10 million tours over a recent two-year span.
  • A directory of finance/mortgage companies that specialize in all types of lending specifically for manufactured home purchasers including home only financing, land/home financing, FHA, USDA, and VA mortgages.
  • Hundreds of blogs and updates penned by manufactured home professionals offer comprehensive helpful insight into “everything manufactured homes have to offer.” Samplings of recent articles to  —click— that may be helpful in your quest for high-quality affordable homeownership:

— “Top Ten Surprising Advantages of Manufactured Home Ownership” —

—“Manufactured Homes: Mischaracterizations and Misrepresentations of America’s Only Quality Affordable Housing” —

— “What You Can Expect To Spend For a Manufactured Home With Land and What the Money Pays For” —

— “Big and Little Decisions When Ordering Your New Manufactured Home”—

— “Down Payment and Credit Score Myths Holding Back First-Time Manufactured Home Buyers”— 

— “New Manufactured Homes Offer The Latest in Home Design Trends”— 

You are invited to enter your location on our – Home Page Search Bar – to explore a wide selection of homes near you. Find a home (or homes) you love and request – A No Obligation Custom Price Quote – all from the comfort and privacy of home. 


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