Rezoned: Shawnee City Commission OKs Manufactured Home Despite Local “NIMBY” Opposition

As the Shawnee City Commissioners met on Monday, there were three requests to rezone on the agenda. The first two were rapidly dispatched without opposition. The third, not so quickly, according to a report by The Shawnee News-Star.

The third request was an ordinance to rezone property at 31807 Lake Road with a conditional use permit to allow owner Paige Giddens to place a new manufactured home on the site. Neighbors near this site were in attendance and fraught with opposition to placing a manufactured home in this area. They maintain the manufactured home would bring down the appraised value of their homes. “After the tornado in 2013, this area rebuilt with quite a few homes in the range of $150,000 – $250,000-plus.” neighbor Julie Akerman said.

She said the School Land lake lots directly across from the property are under an HOA that does not allow mobile homes (sic) and requires a 1,250 sq.foot minimum for houses. “They are moving in the direction of establishing a long-term residential community in this area,” she said.

Amy Camarata and Marlene Wilson also objected to the manufactured home rezone. While Dana Marsh spoke as a neutral party, saying she didn’t care if the rezone was passed, as long as everything was up to code.

Shawnee City Commission Votes Yes

Planning Director Justin DeBruin said, though he very much appreciated what was being voiced, the city shouldn’t create exclusionary zoning based upon what was being said at the meeting. “HUD” is a standard that’s quality; we have these at the lake. … where else are these people supposed to build these particular structures if they are regulated out of these areas on a regular basis?” DeBruin said.

Ultimately, the rezoning was approved 4-2, with City Commissioners Dub Bushong and Ron Gilliam SR. casting no votes. Ward 5 City Commissioner Lesa Shaw was not in attendance.

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