Reaching for the American Dream With The Golden State 3016

As reported in a 2013 Harvard University study, “The Future of Home Ownership in America” remains strong. The Harvard report shows that Americans who currently find themselves relegated to renting their current home, still firmly believe that the American Dream of home ownership is an obtainable reality.

 Reaching for the American Dream

While those yearning to acquire the American Dream of homeownership remain resolute, today’s homebuyer’s ability to perform has somewhat vaporized over the past several years. Thanks to a struggling national economy, stagnant salaries, skyrocketing construction costs, an out-of-control national debt and a big government that’s run amok with social policies. Many of today’s homebuyers have been scared into prolonging their attempt at home ownership – until they discover how affordable manufactured homes are.

Reaching for the American Dream With The Golden State 3016

Reaching for the American Dream With The Golden State 3016

 The New Reality of Homeownership

In the past, when hard-working Americans have dared to envision owning their own home, many have daydreamed of a traditional site-built home with all the modern amenities. In searching for that perfect fit of quality, cost and amenities that complement their family’s preferred lifestyle, many homebuyers have been forced to think outside of the proverbial box. Understanding that site-built homes are rapidly becoming fiscally unrealistic, many are turning to today’s manufactured homes to fulfill their family’s specific criteria – keeping their dream of home affordable ownership alive and well.

 Evolving Image

No doubt, many have a preconceived notion as to what a manufactured home is, or is not. While some may conjure up old TV images of Jim Rockford in his 1970s trailer at Malibu beach; others can envision a modern, sleek and technologically advanced manufactured home … the home of the affordable future.

Understanding that manufactured homes are built in a controlled environment, where materials don’t get stolen, wet, or exposed to the elements. It’s easy to see how today’s manufactured home builders can build for less, while maintaining superior quality. Built from the same lumber, insulation, electrical wiring and plumbing, and with identical features and amenities as today’s best site built homes. The modern prefab home offers enhanced quality, at a considerable savings over the more traditional options. Offering approximately 15 to 35% savings over comparable site built homes.

With new manufactured homes like the Kit West Golden State 3016 there’s no excuse to procrastinate any longer on reaching for that dream of homeownership. Built to exacting specifications for each families wishes, desires, the skilled craftsmen at Kit Homebuilders West can have you realizing that dream in just a few weeks!

Reaching for the American Dream With The Golden State 3016

2085 sq. ft.

3 Bed

2 Bath

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