Manufactured Homes: Built to a Higher Standard

Are today’s manufactured homes safer than more traditional site constructed homes…? Simply put – yes, they are. Thanks to congressional passage of the Mobile Home Construction and Safety Standards ActA HUD CODE passed during the Ford administration, todays Manufactured homes are currently one of the most tightly scrutinized forms of single-family residential housing built: following tough federal safety standards.

With today’s HUD CODE being strictly enforced by the federal government, builders like Kabco Homes are producing many high-quality housing options, like the MD-14. Loaded with modern amenities and contemporary safety features, the Kabco MD-14 not only meet the updated 2000 HUD CODE; it does it drenched in stylish amenities.

The Kabco MD-14 Manufactured Home Features:

2094 ft.²

3 Bed

2 Bath

32’ x 72’

KABCO Manufactured Homes: Built to a Higher Standard

KABCO Manufactured Homes: Built to a Higher Standard

While the intention of mandating manufactured home builders to comply with the feds strict standards was meant to increase safety – they ultimately increased value. As the feds implemented their rules and regulations and second on new manufactured homes, making them meet or exceed a broad spectrum of health and safety requirements. Many noted that the new requirements, which were far more stringent than those set by the international residential code (IRC), ultimately created a safer home with a lower price point.

Fire safety was one of the more important requirements.

That said, not all manufactured homes built to HUD’s CODE are anointed with the same amenities. While all of today’s models should all have a flame retardant furnace and water heater compartment, not all are as well equipped as the Kabco manufactured home MD-14.

Manufactured Homes: Built to a Higher Standard

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