New Single Section Manufactured Homes a Popular Choice for Today’s Cooped-Up Home Buyers

As many American families are sequestered at home, hopefully waiting for the pandemic (COVID-19) to mercifully subside– and it will–. Many are renters that are exploring affordable quality manufactured homeownership, especially those hard-working lower-to-middle income families, and particularly those who feel confined in dense urban localities.

Manufactured home retailers across the nation are reporting a surge of online inquiries from those discovering the affordable advantages of today’s quality modern manufactured homes. Those reports are substantiated by the increasing numbers of inquiries received here at – –  America’s preeminent online manufactured home shoppers platform.

What we have discerned from the uptick of inquiries is that many have realized that a new single-section manufactured home checks all the boxes for high quality super affordable homeownership, and is the quickest, simplest and safest route to escaping the rent cycle.

The origin of today’s single section (aka single-wide) and subsequent multi-section manufactured and modular homes, began over half a century ago with the factory-built single section “mobile home.”

Today’s modern single section manufactured home bears little resemblance in size, construction, features, amenities, energy efficiency, safety, and exterior appearance to the mobile homes of old.

Surprisingly to many is the fact that the single section homes of today still represent half of all manufactured homes produced and shipped in the U.S; born out by the following shipment info for the year ending 2019.

Manufactured homes shipped in 2019 (all sizes) –  94,622

Average sales price December 2019 (doubles) –  $96,100

Average sales price for all sizes 2019  –  $82,000

Manufactured homes shipped in 2019 (single section) – 47,800

The average sales price for a new single section in 2019 – $54,000


Check These Benefits Of New Single-Section Manufactured Home Ownership:

  • New single section homes are built and equipped with the same quality appliances, fixtures, and materials as multi-section homes and site-built homes — available with fully equipped modern kitchens, cathedral ceilings, luxurious bathrooms, walk-in closets, covered porches, and a multitude of decor choices.
  • Single section homes are available in widths of 14’ and 16’ and lengths of 40’ up to 84’. All manufactured homes are built to a national building code (HUD Code), with stringent quality construction standards ensuring wind and fire safety equal and often superior to a site-built home.
  • The average price of an 1100 square feet three bedroom, two bath home including normal delivery and installation will be under $55,000.
  • A new single-section home may be delivered and installed within a couple of days, whereas multiple sections will have the extra costs of double or triple transportation, much more expensive installation and mating of sections on-site requiring three to four weeks or longer before being ready for occupancy.
  • Financing a new single-section home is readily available and the lower sales price will require a lesser cash investment (down payment) than a multi-section manufactured home or a site-built home and with monthly payments often less than rent.


Displayed here on the pages of are floor plans, 3D virtual tours, and descriptions of thousands of manufactured homes, including single section homes, available from 120+ manufactured home facilities across the country. Enter – your town – in our home page search bar to locate homes available via retailers near you.

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