Manufactured Homes and the Creation of Wealth that Homeownership is Believed to Promise

“Manufactured Homes Exhibit Their Own Potential To Be A Wealth Creation Tool For Ordinary Everyday Americans” — Ben Carson (HUD)

Homeownership is the best path toward wealth, versus renting. Unfortunately that path is difficult for the average low and middle income families to follow, as home prices continue to climb month over month and year over year. 

As the wage gap between the haves and have-nots continues to widen and the escalating costs of housing showing zero signs of abating, many hardworking families seemingly have given up the uniquely American Dream and creation of wealth that homeownership is believed to promise.

There is a pathway to homeownership that many are beginning to discover that  meets all the definitions and conditions of “everything a home should be  –  today’s modern quality built manufactured housing – confirmed to be equal, or superior, in every respect to site built homes and will have a cost of about 50% less, without sacrificing quality of construction, safety, energy efficiency, amenities and appearance. 

A new manufactured home will not only be one-half the price of a site-built, but also offers long term financing availability with a minimum 5% down payment requirement and monthly payments typically lower than rent..

In addition to pride of ownership and many other benefits, a new modern manufactured home can appreciate in value  similar to a comparable new or existing site-built home thus creating wealth to the same extent as the traditional site-built. Buying for a great price and holding onto your home for a number of years is the key to building equity in any home.

In an address to a gathering of manufactured home industry leaders, Ben Carson, United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) offered the following abbreviated comments relative to the value of manufactured homes in addressing the nation’s ever widening affordable housing crisis. 


“Our nation’s shortage of affordable housing is ultimately an issue of supply and demand. With millions of people in need, high demand is already guaranteed. That’s why HUD has focused our strategy on increasing supply — namely by promoting initiatives, programs, techniques, and technologies that produce more affordable homes…”

…”the average cost per square foot of a manufactured home is nearly half that of a site-built home — $49 (dollars) per square foot as opposed to $107 (dollars).  These dramatic cost savings in construction enable responsible citizens to secure housing that may be considerably less expensive than renting or purchasing a site-built home.”

“And yet, even at this lower price, MANUFACTURED HOMES  APPRECIATE IN VALUE at a rate similar to site-built homes, according to the Federal Housing Agency Housing Price Index.

Sustainable homeownership is the number one builder of financial capital for most American families. For example, the average net worth of a renter is $5,000 (dollars), while the average net worth of a

homeowner is $200,000 (dollars). That’s an extraordinary 40-fold difference.

But with comparable home appreciation rates to site-built homes, manufactured homes exhibit their own extraordinary potential to be a wealth creation tool for ordinary everyday American families.”

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