MH Advantage & CHOICEHome Requirements and Benefits

With the Innovative Housing Showcase now at a close, plenty of people are talking about Fannie Mae’s MH Advantage & Freddie Mac’s CHOICEHome requirements and benefits. These two programs, offered by Fannie & Freddie, are a step in the right direction towards manufactured housing becoming the future of all housing. However, there are requirements as to which manufactured homes and modular homes can qualify for these programs, and education is key to a better understanding of MH Advantage & CHOICEHome.

The staff at have created an easy-to-digest graphic, explaining the benefits and requirements for both of these terrific programs. Learn about MH Advantage benefits and CHOICEHome benefits by reading the graphic below! You’ll also learn what is required in a manufactured home to qualify for MH Advantage and CHOICEHome. Reach out to us if you have any questions on which homes qualify, what the benefits are of choosing one of these loan options, or anything else regarding MH Advantage & CHOICEHome!

MH Advantage Requirements and Benefits & CHOICEHome Requirements & Benefits

Once you’re ready to find a manufactured home or modular home that qualifies for MH Advantage or CHOICEHome, shop all manufactured homes, or browse through manufactured home dealers and manufactured home manufacturers.

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