MH Advantage: The Best of Both Worlds

Families across the nation are searching for an affordable solution to owning their dream home. It seems the need for quality housing to meet this growing demand has never been higher.

Like any modern problem, a forward-thinking solution is needed to meet the needs of American families. That’s why today’s modern manufactured homes are the solution. Energy-efficient homes that are engineered with features such as higher roof pitches, dormers, covered porches or attached garages and carports, and upgraded cabinetry and fixtures provide aspiring homeowners with quality and style at an affordable cost.

Innovating Financing

To make the purchase process even easier, these modern manufactured homes may qualify for MH Advantage® financing. MH Advantage® is an innovative mortgage loan for manufactured homes with features typical of site-built, single-family homes. Factory-built homes with custom amenities like attached garages, upgraded kitchens and bathrooms, energy-efficient appliances, and architectural features that integrate seamlessly into stick-built neighborhoods may be eligible.

With an MH Advantage® mortgage, qualified buyers will receive conventional, 30-year fixed-rate financing with benefits that exceed those of the standard manufactured home loan. Some of the benefits include down payments as low as 3% and interest rates lower than most traditional factory-built home loans. Also, by owning both the land and the home, you can gain all the financial perks of homeownership, including equity-building and potential tax benefits.

Getting Started With MH Advantage® Eligible Homes

You’ll begin by visiting with your local manufactured home retailer, where they’ll show you a range of model homes and design options. When browsing, ask to see the modern manufactured home models.

After your qualifying home is picked out, it’s time to work with a lender and see if you qualify for MH Advantage® financing.

Once the new manufactured home is delivered to your land and professionally installed, you’ll complete the mortgage loan closing just like a conventional mortgage on a site-built home. It’s that simple!

With MH Advantage® eligible homes and financing, the dream of homeownership is within your reach. Get started by visiting

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