MFH News and Views: Study Shows Manufactured Housing Critical for Rural Communities, Louisiana Rolls Out FEMA Units As Part of Three-Pronged Plan to Help Flood Victims – Learn How to Apply

Rain, Rain, Go Away… or at least head out California’s way.

A new report authored by researchers at the Urban Institute makes the case that manufactured homes can substantially help relieve America’s housing crisis. And 17 days, 10 fatalities, and 40,000 flood-damaged homes later … help is on the way for Louisiana’s flood victims. Thanks to the help of HUD built manufactured homes supplied by FEMA.

Those are some of the more important manufactured housing headlines from the past seven days, now let’s disseminate some useful information.

Manufactured Housing Called Potential Huge Source of Affordable Housing in Rural Communities by Urban Institute Study – Researchers at the Urban Institute (UI) have recently issued a report making the case for utilizing manufactured homes and preserving the communities in which they reside as a means of maintaining some form of affordable housing in the United States. Preaching to the already financially tapped out choir, a new study from the Urban Institute points out what most financially strapped tenants already understand – minimal inventory leads to ever increasing rents. Highlighting the manufactured housing industry’s ability to replace a substantial percentage of the 2.4 million affordable housing units lost between 2001 and 2013, the UI report pointed to the Resident Owned Community (ROC) model as a beacon of hope.

FEMA & Louisiana Unveils Three-pronged Plan for Flood Victims, How to Apply for FEMA Manufactured Housing – First and foremost, here’s the fastest way to reach out to FEMA regarding their ‘Manufactured Housing Units Program’ (MHUs): Disaster assistance can be applied for online at, calling (800) 621-FEMA or in person at a disaster recovery center.  As to the Manufactured Housing Units Program, where the MHU provides qualified applicants a HUD-approved manufactured home, and are made available for people to stay in for up to 18 months. The manufactured homes range from – one – to – three bedroom units and are provided based on household size pre-disaster. They can be placed on private property or pre-existing commercial parks. As a last resort, officials may create group sites maintained by FEMA.

Who is eligible:   Criteria is based on location, FEMA requirements and local zoning, among other factors. Criteria includes having property damage in excess of $17,000 or renters whose rental homes were destroyed.

How to apply:  FEMA will identify people who have applied for disaster assistance and meet initial criteria for manufactured housing and whether they are interested in the program. Disaster assistance can be applied for online at, calling (800) 621-FEMA or in person at a disaster recovery center.

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