Manufactured Homes Resource acquires, the Ultimate Manufactured Home Resource, is proud to announce our recent acquisition of


Today’s Modular Homes are increasingly becoming the affordable housing alternative of choice for people seeking homes which embrace environmentally sustainable green-building practices while keeping an eye towards modern architectural design.


Although the value of Modular Homes, built according to UBC as opposed to HUD standards, have been recognized and expounded upon for years, it’s only recently, with features in publications like Dwell Magazine and popular online blogs like Jetson Green, that this amazing mode of housing is truly getting the recognition it deserves. The rise in Modular Home popularity has begun attracting the attention of high end architectural firms (such as Res: 4 Architecture) who are now launching their own lines of homes which consist solely of Modular units. The units, which make multi-level construction fairly easy, can be built on frame or off frame, depending on the availability of the manufacturer.


While the current trend in Modular Housing demonstrates a definite inclination towards more modern, minimalist design, the principal remains the same: Modular, just like Manufactured Housing, allows for quality, sustainable homes to be available to the masses. represents a huge asset for us here at At last we are able to take all the wonderful tools we’ve been developing – for manufactured home buyers, manufactured home dealers and manufactured home manufacturers – and extend them to the modular housing industry. In addition to all the perks of manufactured homes, we can now offer affordable housing with cutting edge design to potential home buyers looking for an alternative to the more traditionally styled architecture of manufactured homes.


Today’s modular and manufactured homes can offer the best in living amenities. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, modern, LEED certified summer house or a solid, factory-built home to raise your family in, is the perfect supplement to our existing product.


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