Louisville Manufactured Housing Show : Day 1

The ManufacturedHomes.com team touched down in Louisville late Tuesday night and by 8am Wednesday morning we were eager and ready to get to the convention, meet the faces of the industry and spread the word about all the exciting things we’ve been developing on our site.

There’s something about the blistery 15 degree Kentucky weather that really motivates you to get to work and start moving. Our first step was getting the booth set up and ensuring that our computers were running smoothly – a crucial component of our success at the convention, as this was the way we were introducing our product and getting all the industry insiders to sign up. After ironing out a few minor kinks we were up and running. The response was immediate – as soon as we were ready, people were filing in to sign up and learn more.

Knowing that the booth was solid, we sent our film crew around the convention floor to get some footage of the other convention atendees, the model homes on display and some brief interviews with some of the industry’s heavy hitters.

One such interview, the highlight of the day, was Terry Decio, vice president of sales and marketing for Skyline Homes. This was somewhat of an honor, as Mr. Decio’s father, now 83, is a influential veteran of the Manufactured Homes industry. Terry was kind enough to give us a few moments of his time to answer questions and share his insights about what lies in store for Skyline, and the rest of the industry, moving into 2013.


Back at the booth we were receiving constant feedback and support from our peers. It only took a few moments of explanation and demonstration before they truly saw the value of our product and the services we aim to provide. The most enjoyable parts, as instructive as they were exciting, were the insightful responses and constructive comments people had regarding our product. Our colleagues were really enthusiastic about it and eager to contribute their thoughts on what it would take to make ManufacturedHomes.com reach its full potential. You can conceptualize all you want, but it takes real world user feedback to truly round out any product. Thanks to all those that signed up yesterday and shared their thoughts, our development team was able to leave the convention teeming with excitement and great ideas – ideas you’ll no doubt see come to fruition on ManufacturedHomes.com.

Around 4pm things were starting to wind down so we knew it was time for our raffle. Throughout the day, everyone that signed up was given a ticket and made eligible to win the free iPad we were giving away. In the moments before the drawing everyone with a ticket found their way back to our booth and eagerly awaited the announcement of the winner. This was great for us because we easily had the biggest crowd gathered at any single booth yesterday. Needless to say, all the other atendees noticed the commotion. We were making an impact – not bad considering this was our first day at our first convention. The winner, interestingly, was a member of the booth directly across from us – earlier, one of our team members actually had to convince him to sign up!

All in all, our first day was a huge success. We had a beautiful booth, got to meet some really important people in the industry, received tremendously helpful feedback from our manufactured housing friends and thanks to the crowd that gathered for the iPad giveaway, we were able to make an impression on the rest of the industry insiders present. (We’re offering another one tomorrow! Don’t forget to stop by!)

The response was great and tomorrow, we expect even better.


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