Manufactured Homes: Marking Your Territory

Recently, a migration of “baby boomers” and “empty nesters” began moving closer to their offspring or to warmer climate conditions.  Manufactured homes have become the preferred lifestyle of choice for seniors relocating to retirement areas such as California, Florida and other coastal regions. If you belong to either category, there are ways to ensure a smooth transition in moving from your current location to a new one.

As a former retailer of new manufactured homes, I would occasionally have a customer fall in love with and like to purchase a new home. However, their desire was to relocate the home several hundred miles from the locale.

Most independent manufactured housing retailers effectively service a geographical area within 100 to 300 miles of their location.  On occasion, retailers will work with consumers to accommodate to the desired delivery site if it is well beyond the normal geographical region they are familiar with.  Despite their attempt to satisfy customer demand, coordination and logistical problems may arise with the delivery or installation, resulting in delays, extra expenses and customer frustration.

If you are contemplating purchasing a new manufactured home completely out of the area from where you presently reside, it is better to shop for your dream home in the area you wish to relocate to. It is likely that the same size and floor plan will be available in the area where you intend to relocate.

You can rest assured knowing that the high quality designs and features of new manufactured housing are consistent across the country due to conforming building codes, construction standards, and the ongoing industry commitment to value.

It would be beneficial to contact retailers in the area close to your intended delivery destination to view floor plans and secure information regarding site availability, pricing, and local restrictions and conditions that might impact your manufactured home purchase. Doing this would also provide for better, more knowledgeable customer service, superior to that of a remote retailer. provides a roster of retailers for all areas of the country that will provide pricing, floor plans, and any other information for the area that you have chosen to enjoy the manufactured home lifestyle.


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