Buy a Manufactured Home: Practical Tips

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you will make. Understanding key factors in how to buy a manufactured home will help make your experience a positive one.

Land and placement: The land or existing placement you have will play an important factor in the layout and size of your new manufactured home. Since manufactured homes do not take as long to build as traditional houses, it is a good idea to have your site prepared for installation as soon as possible.

You can prepare your site by ensuring that it is level, clear of trees and brush, and properly sloped for water runoff. If the land is your own, you will need to hire a professional contractor to prepare the site. If you will be residing in a rental community, the property or community manager will generally ensure a properly prepared site.

While your site is being prepared, this is an excellent time to determine what layout, plan, and size of manufactured home will work best.

Choosing a plan: Square footage will be one of the first things to consider when you buy a manufactured home. Part of this determining factor will be the size of the site you are preparing. Manufactured homes can range in size from quaint 500 square-foot homes to 2,500 square feet of luxury. They are normally referred to as “single-wide,” “double-wide,” or “triple-wide.”

Once you decide on the appropriate square footage, you will need to choose a floor plan. The floor plan is the design or layout to which your manufactured home will be built. This is the time to decide features such as bedroom, living room, and kitchen placement. Are you thinking of a one- or two-level home? Will you want to add a deck for outdoor living?

Determine cost: As you look through the available floor plans, you will be able to better determine a cost. Knowing these costs will help you decide how much you can afford. Many manufactured home companies offer financing.

Other: Ask your manufactured home dealer about warranties. You will want to know what warranties are available, what they cover, and how long they are effective. Discuss delivery arrangements and who is responsible for payment, and don’t forget to check on insurance for your new manufactured home.

The steps to buying a manufactured home may be very different from those involved with buying a traditional house, but they are every bit as exciting!

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