Manufactured Homes: Maxey’s Homes in Oklahoma City

The manufactured housing industry is an important element of the Oklahoma economy, with Oklahoma City being the hub of this industry. Presently there are several Oklahoma City manufactured home dealers home display centers all situated in close proximity to each other on Shields Blvd. in south Oklahoma City. If you are a potential purchaser of a new manufactured home in Oklahoma, you will certainly find the home of your dreams among the many choices available on Shields Blvd. Today I would like to feature a retailer who has been around a long time and treats customers like a customer wants to be treated.

Maxey’s Home Sales is a family owned business that has been around since 1975 at 8101 S Shields Blvd. in Oklahoma City. I figured that anyone who has survived the economic roller coaster for 35 years must be doing something right, and that’s exactly what I have found about Maxey’s!

Maxey’s represents and displays a large inventory of quality manufactured homes and modular homes from the major manufacturers of manufactured homes including Cavco, Legacy, Dynasty, Cappaert, and several others. With over 200 available floor plans and sizes of homes available it is likely a buyer will find at Maxey’s the ideal home of their needs and desires.

Just as important as offering quality manufactured homes, and modular homes, Maxey’s has a reputation for customer service that is extra special and is the the driving force of Maxey’s longevity and success.

The sales and management staff has an outstanding reputation for customer service before and after the sale. Prospective purchasers who visit the sales center are treated with the utmost respect and dignity. Maxey’s personnel understand that a customer typically wants to buy, but does not necessarily want to be sold. The Maxey’s approach with potential customers is to listen and try to understand the customer’s needs and desires and to be helpful in assisting the customer in arriving at perhaps the most important decision they will ever make.

The dedication of Maxey’s to create a pleasant sales environment and great after the sale service, results in many happy customer referrals by homeowners. It is obvious that the philosophy is working, considering that Maxey’s Home Sales is still successfully operating at the same location since 1975.

The sales staff at Maxey’s epitomizes the attributes I have detailed in a previous blog posting on this web-site entitled:


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